5 Tips to Selecting a Fashionable Tote that Won’t Go Out of Style

5 Tips to Selecting a Fashionable Tote that Won’t Go Out of Style


5 Tips to Selecting a Fashionable Tote that Won’t Go Out of Style


Whether you are buying a tote bag for everyday or periodic usage, it is essential to think about how you would feel about the bag a few weeks or months down the road. It is also best to consider the durability of the tote bag, especially if it will be used frequently and for a long period of time.

How practical is the size of the bag?

Tote bags come in various sizes. When buying the bag, it is essential to consider the intended use. For example, will you be carrying heavy items such as books? If you will be using it for work, will the fabric wear out because of the strain from frequent usage? Will the bag bulge from the items you will be carrying causing it to lose its appeal? It is vital for you to consider how the bag will look like when it is filled with the essentials before buying it.

Is it intended for a specific function?

When buying a tote bag, it is critical for you to consider where you intend to carry it. If the tote bag is colorful and meant to be used as a beach bag, you may not be comfortable going with it to a conference or work. Instead of getting a tote bag for a specific use, select one that will be in style wherever you go.

Consider its material

Some materials, such as leather, will always be in style. This is because leather is durable and it complements your style. Fabrics such as nylon may be in fashion today, but a few months from today, it may be considered outdated. Before buying a tote bag, it is essential to look at the trend and how a particular fabric was regarded in the past. If it has considered stylish for a short period then forgotten for months or years, expect the same thing to happen. Look for a fabric that has stood the test of time.

Choose a color that can go well with whatever you wear

Totes are available in various colors. It is easy to be overwhelmed when choosing trendy colors. It is, however, important to choose a bag based on some of your favorite colors. This way, you get to carry the tote as often as you would like because it looks good on you, irrespective of what you are wearing.

How many compartments do you need?

When buying a tote bag, you would want one with enough spaces to adequately organize your stuff. A tote that does not have space to store your phone or keys separately might be frustrating, especially if you will need to empty it to find whatever you need. In a few days, such a bag shall have lost its style because you will tire of searching for misplaced items a few times a day.

When choosing a tote, it is important for you to consider the weight of the bag against the items you will be carrying. This way it will serve you and remain stylish for a long time.

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