How To Choose a weight vest for Sport Workouts

How To Choose a weight vest for Sport Workouts


How To Choose a weight vest for Sport Workouts


What is a weighted vest?

Weighted vests basically are a sort of adjustable vests which carry some weight. The weight of the vest can vary from 0.5 pounds to as high as 80 pounds.

They are pretty reasonable investments to make if you are actually into some serious fitness and strength training. Needless to say, it has obvious benefits for sports-persons. Some exercises which are actually improvised with the use of weighted vest are squats, lunges, push ups, pull ups, walking, running, plank,

Benefits of exercising with a weighted vest

Better cardiovascular endurance:

Given that you will be running and doing all the exercises with extra weight on you, there is going to be more cardio-vascular activity involved in your workout. This will ultimately improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Pace up the strength training:

An example should explain this. The efforts that you put in lifting yourself up in a pull-up will definitely hike as you add some extra pounds on your body- let it be 5 pounds or 20 pounds or whatever. Thus, weighted vests would, of course, speed up your strength training.

Pace up the fat-loss:

This might not need any explanation. You are simply increasing the actual workout by using extra weight on your body. This will result in greater efforts and movements and sweating and ultimately, fat burning.

Great for speed training:

As you run and catch up the same speed with extra weight on you, you will be getting your speed to new heights.

How to choose a weight vest for a better workout?

Here are some quick tips to help you choose the idea weighted vest.

Choose the right weight: don’t jump into buying heavier than what you can actually manage. Start with lower weights. If, at all, you get to choose from adjustable weighted vests with adjustable weight, it will certainly be a great option to consider.  

Adjustable straps: many of the weighted vests now comes with adjustable straps. While they might not seem to be that big of a feature to consider, they will surely make your training easy as you run or do push-ups.

Try the product before buying and using it regularly: The best of these fitness and training products are available online, for sure. However, if possible at all, try out the weighted vest before you decide to go with it for the training. You can maybe try the vest from a friend or from your fitness trainer, if they have one. This will also help you determine if you are comfortable with the weight range that you choose.

Go for reliable brands: Ultimately, brands will offer you more reliable, safe and durable products. It will be best if you get all your fitness and training tools that belong to trusted brands.

Check reviews: Do some digging over the web as well as enquire the friends who have already used the vest of a specific company. See how they are responding. Some reading and digging may end you up with the best weighted vests.

Getting your weighted vest yet?

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