Surprise Your Partner with These Wedding Proposals

Surprise Your Partner with These Wedding Proposals


Surprise Your Partner with These Wedding Proposals


“How did he propose?” may be one of the most asked questions when a couple announces that they’re engaged. While many couples just want a simple, classic proposal, it is undeniably exciting to know that you will have a fun story to tell for years to come.

Popping the question can be stressful, but since you’ve already set your mind to it, why not plan an interesting way to do it and get your mind off of the tension? And while you build engagement ring you know your partner is going to love, you might want to think outside of the box when it comes to proposing. It will not only add a thrill to the surprise, but your partner will be over the moon knowing that you got your creative juices flowing just for them. Below are some awesome ideas to consider.

A Customized Hollywood Proposal

Whether secretly or out loud, everyone has a favorite movie proposal scene. Find out your partner’s favorite proposal scene – even better if it’s from their favorite romcom – and recreate it in your own home, backyard, restaurant, on a train, or during a hike in the woods. You don’t have to mimic the atmosphere to the nines (not everyone can just get on a plane on a whim) but you should at least consider memorizing the lines, after all, it’s about to become your special movie as a couple forever.

Puppy Love

If one of you has a pet, then this idea would totally work. Craft a little “Will You Marry Daddy/Mommy?” card and pass a ribbon through a hole on top to create a necklace effect. Then tie this ribbon (loosely) around your pet’s neck, and let them wander off to see your partner. Possibly the cutest thing ever!

A Ride to Remember

Who doesn’t like to take rides at the theme park? They may all be similar, wherever you go, but one guy made this one ride extra special. Positioning his girlfriend in the front of a roller coaster car – and little did she know – he and his friends rode in the seats behind her and held up the “Will You Marry Me” signs. As she was enjoying the thrill of the spikes and dips, the ride cam caught the whole scene and she got to see it when the picture came out. This is one roller coaster ride they will never forget.

Sweets for My Sweet

We are all familiar with the concept of Kinder Surprise, and this idea really works if your sweetheart loves chocolate. Buy a Kinder Surprise, carefully peel off the aluminum foil from the egg – take your sweet time, you don’t want to damage it. Then, using a very sharp knife, gently cut over the original joint line of the egg, and remember to not push hard as the egg is very fragile. You can now open the plastic egg inside and replace the original gift with your own “Will You Marry Me” surprise note, and close it. Now place the two halves of the chocolate egg (edges down, curve up) on an aluminum plate or pan and heat for a second, just until the edges start to slightly melt. Finally, remove the halves from the surface, place the plastic egg inside, gently press them back together, and re-wrap with the original branded foil – voila!

It’s the Thought That Matters

Now that you have some creative ideas up your sleeve, you can decide to go big or go home (sweet home) and pop the question your way – it will be wonderful whichever way you do it. Don’t forget the ring, and remember to breathe!


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