We all have things that we love, and for some of us, it is sports. The truth is that, as a student, sports can get in the way of studying because of the time requirements of both. It is very easy for a person to get carried away by either one of the two and focus solely on the other. Most parents would want their kids to pay attention only to education but with the increase in sports scholarships and the number of people making a career out of it, many are beginning to see the value of sports.

  1. Time management: as a result of the many things to do within a limited period of time, it is essential that you have a plan. It is called a known time schedule. The example of known time is practice, game, school and even travel time. When you block all the known time, you will be able to identify the gap you have for studying, homework, rest and other activities.

  2. Avoid procrastination: try to get your assignments and projects done immediately instead of waiting to get it done very late. For example, if you have an essay to write, let’s say a sports essay, and you have no idea how to write a sports essay, you can just go online and try to read up on essay writing and the answers to questions like “what is essay writing” on or any other writing service. Whatever you do, try to get all your work done as soon as you can without delaying or dragging it.

  3. Organisation: you can use a desk calendar for sports and school. Identify different types of writing that you have to do for school, mark out on the calendar all of the due dates for papers, projects and schoolwork. You can also mark out all your sports games and practices. You should revisit the desk calendar every week and see if there are corrections to be made.

  4. The wise use of your weekends: you should not consider the weekend as a time to sit back and do nothing. It should be used as a preparation period for the new week that is ahead. You can start all the homework that you have for the new week.  You can study, take notes and read some chapters ahead of the class. This time should be used to prepare and plan for papers and projects that will be due the following week.

  5. Have a plan for the week: for every week, you should plan how, what and when you are going to study. Make sure you have the whole week planned out, and you know when you have games, practices, tests and projects.

  6. Make good use of travel time: as an athlete, you will be doing a lot of travelling, try to use the travel time to get things done. You can use it to get that much-needed rest or listen to audio books, review your notes, get assignments done or study. Do not let the travel time go to waste.

  7. Try not to fall behind: whether it is sports practices, grades, schoolwork or homework, it is better for you to be ahead in your schoolwork instead of trying to catch up on the missed assignments, grades or sporting activities.

Combining study and sports in college is not a task that is going to be easy but with discipline and the willingness to follow the tips above, it is going to be a lot easier for you. The benefits of being good at both fields of your college life are vast.

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