Mind-Blowing Biker Bracelets to Command Attention

Mind-Blowing Biker Bracelets to Command Attention


Mind-Blowing Biker Bracelets to Command Attention


The market for women’s bracelets is incomparably larger than that of men’s but this fact shouldn’t get you thinking that a bracelet is a ladies prerogative. On the contrary, men were the first to wear bracelets and it happened long before these wrist ornaments became a fashion staple. Today, bracelets, on a par with other jewelry products, are an integral part of men’s wardrobe. Although the focal point of your look is your outfit, a bracelet will certainly add a dash of personality and character.

Before you put a bracelet on your wrist, you should ask yourself the question: how will it match other components of my image? If you prefer a relaxed and casual style, a bracelet made from natural materials and beads will emphasize your individuality and organically complement your outfit. If you do not part with a suit and tie, a medium-sized gold or silver wrist ornament will be appropriate. And if you are a fan of bold, original, and out-there jewelry, you should definitely discover the exciting world of biker bracelets.


You don’t have to be a jewelry expert to identify a men’s bracelet – it is tougher, larger, and more masculine looking than delicate precious stone emblazoned pieces for the fair sex. Despite some style-wise restrictions, men don’t suffer from insufficient bracelet selection. Here are five prominent biker bracelet styles you should definitely give a try.

Cuff Metal Bands

This category includes a variety of designs but all of them have one thing in common – they are made of a wide piece of metal to engage attention. Such bracelets boast undeniable pulling power, they radiate masculinity, and they are definitely breathtaking.

A wide metal bangle is an ideal option if you want to draw in looks with a single detail. No matter what style of clothing you prefer, such a bracelet will speak for itself every time it peeks out from under your cuffs. You can even wear a bangle biker bracelet with an elegant suit if its design is quite discreet.

Despite the fact that bikers are not the most conservative people, they have their own preferences regarding bracelet appearance. Keep it toned-down in terms of gem inserts; don’t overdo with inlays of other materials; don’t pick multi-color options. The last thing, a wide cuff bracelet is a standalone piece so it won’t get along with other bracelets or a watch worn on the same wrist. If you follow these rules, a biker bracelet will contribute to a stylish and remarkable appearance.

Image source : https://www.bikerringshop.com

Traditional Biker Bracelets

Unlike the previous style, traditional bracelets with the tag ‘biker’ carry a lot more badass attitude. If you think of burly chains adorned with skulls, crosses, flames, and other leftfield symbols, you got the definition of biker jewelry right.

In a nutshell, biker bracelets feature a certain heft, over-the-top size, and, of course, biker symbolism. You should probably leave such a bracelet at home if you’re going to rock an elegant suit with a tie but it won’t look quite organic with other clothing styles. Some guys do manage to flaunt such a piece with suit but you need to think every detail of your look beforehand in order not to look ridiculous. If you sport a beard, fancy hairstyle, and your work dress code leaves some room for self-expression, then why not don a dashing skull bracelet on your wrist? If you are looking for a biker bracelet gift, this design is exactly what you need.

I.D. Bracelets

As you may guess, this bracelet style came to us right from the army. The very first bikers were military veterans so it is no wonder that ID bracelets were pretty common among avid motorcyclists. Since the 1950s, this style ceased being associated with the military solely. The civilian fashion adopted ID bracelets for a wider audience.

Although mass-market bracelets go in and out of style quite often, the biker community never questions its relevance. For bikers, ID bracelets as loved as leather patched jackets. The appearance of this wrist jewelry has been remaining unchanged for dozens of years – it is a medium-size chain bracelet that carries a narrow rectangular plate. This plate may carry common biker symbols, the name of a club a biker belongs, his biker nickname, or other identifying information.

Strings and Rope Cords

If you’re a fan of a more natural and earthy look, leather and hemp bracelets are a nice alternative to metal bands. They come in a variety of designs and thicknesses, too – from in-your-face wide cuffs to multi-string models. The former are often adorned with spikes and studs while the latter may feature metal beads or other accents. These two styles carry a different altitude as well. Wide skull-decorated items feel more biker, rocker, or even Gothic whereas rope cord bracelets boast a more relaxed and even hippie-like.

As you can see, there are a lot of styles and designs to choose from. You can easily pick a bracelet to coordinate with your personal fashion sense and occasion.

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