Roger Scott Billionaire Breakouts Review?

Roger Scott Billionaire Breakouts Review?


Roger Scott Billionaire Breakouts Review?


Billionaire Breakouts is one of Wealthpress’ newest programs and it promises to identify “explosive stocks and options the instant before they pop 420%… 385%… or even 1,453%.”

It claims to do this by using a fundamental catalyst that is ignored by 99 out of 100 investors – that virtually guarantees a stock will rocket up in the near future.

To any trader, this sounds like a program worth trying, but is this program delivering what it promises?

Let’s dive in and analyze this…

Webinar Overview  

If you’re familiar with Wealthpress then you must be familiar with Roger Scott the trader. He is the person you see in every webinar and he is the face of and head trader at Wealthpress.

He is a former hedge fund manager with over 20 years of experience. He stands by his programs with either performance or money back guarantees.

Roger promises:

  • 24/7 Access to Billionaire Breakouts Member Portal
  • Order Entry Instructions for Stocks and Options
  • Every 7 Day [Email and SMS Alert Included]
  • Billionaire Breakouts Getting Started Video Tutorial
  • Unlimited Email Support To Answer All Questions
  • Daily Position Updates, Analysis and Coaching
  • Position Tracking Spreadsheets
  • BONUS – Capture Triple Digit Winners

All at the “limited time only price of $1,497.”

Product Overview

Roger Scott’s Billionaire Breakouts is a rotational program meaning that stocks are interchanged after a certain period of time. This period of time is every seven days.

Email and SMS alerts are issued early every Monday morning. The alerts are issued in pre market hours and are always easy to follow.

On a weekly basis, the program “identifies six top stocks and best options,” and holds only six positions at a time.

These stocks are chosen using a multi step algorithm. This means the stocks go through a rigid selection process in order to ensure that only the best performing stocks and options will be chosen.

Only small cap stocks are traded and the program has a 49.14% annual average return.

The program utilizes the “Catalyst Methodology” which is a system that has continually outperformed the market benchmark.

Members Area Overview

The members area has nine sections:

  • Start Here – Training modules for first time members
  • Watchlist – List of trade alerts from the past and current
  • Equity Position – Where the current equity positions can be found
  • Options Position – Where the current options positions can be found
  • Triple Digit Winners – Intro modules to options and trading
  • Profitable Options Trading – Intro module to trading options
  • SMS/ Text Alerts – Sign up for SMS/Texts alerts here
  • Equities Tracker Spreadsheet – Spreadsheets detailing equity position track record
  • Options Tracker Spreadsheet – Spreadsheets detailing options  position track record

The members area is easy to navigate and has clearly defined sections that should cut down on member confusion.

Product Review

Overall, there are a lot of positives to the Billionaire Breakouts program and in terms of what’s supposed to be included in the product, Roger definitely delivers on that.

However, in our research, we’ve encountered some unhappy customers of the program.

There is no denying that the program is on a losing streak and has been on this streak for more than a few weeks.

This can lead many to be frustrated especially if they are recently joining the program.

**This is the #1 problem we find in dissatisfied customers: Even if a strategy or program has a strong track record, if you join during an extended sideways portion of the “lifespan” of the strategy or, worse, a drawdown it feels like a poor performing system regardless of the overall performance.

As investors, one of the most difficult things to get our brains to comprehend is that even looking at an incredible performing equity curve, there are MANY times within that equity curve that you would be losing money and thinking to yourself “this system stinks” which is why SO few investors actually survive long enough to reap the rewards of a profitable, long term system.

In the case of Billionaire Breakouts, according to its model portfolio, this program has never had a losing year. Not in 2000, 2001, 2002 or 2008. This means that the program has an excellent track record and has excelled in the toughest of market conditions.  

Currently, Billionaire Breakouts and the entire small cap sector is very sluggish. This has been partially due to many economic factors that have been offsetting the markets.

So it’s difficult to make a strong accusation on the system purely based on this recent performance.


We can’t say whether Billionaire Breakouts is going to break its former highs and continue its growth curve that has got so many people excited about the program.

What we can say is that its historic track record is very impressive and the creator of the system seems to have a real track record of his own.

If you’re interested in Billionaire Breakouts, you will likely have to deal with some drawdown. But, of course, that would be true of any trading system ever created.

When you look at a 20 year equity curve, it might look incredible but it’s hard to stay optimistic when you’re on a three or six month losing streak.

Give the program a chance to work for you, but keep in mind that there is no flawless program and loss is a part of trading.

This isn’t a “get rich quick scheme” but rather  an endurance race.

The goal is to build long term wealth and this program may have the potential to help you do just that.


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