Best supplements for professional sportsmen

Best supplements for professional sportsmen


Best supplements for professional sportsmen


Whether you are the occasional sportsman or a professional athlete, getting physical results from your activity is more than just working out at the gym. In fact, it is important to have a healthy diet full of nutrients. World-class athletes also combine this diet with some products to perform better than others. These additional elements to your diet can provide you with more muscular gain, physical strength and an increase in your metabolism. This way, you can see the positive effects of doing exercise much faster and more effectively.

According to SUPPLEMENTNATION, these products are some of the most well-known supplements used by professional athletes. You can add these to your daily routine and become your best self.


This a natural protein your body produces for your bones, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and hair. As we grow older, our body starts producing less of this protein, so we end up with skin problems, pain in our joints, and slower pace to recover from injuries. Taking collagen as a supplement is the best way to fight this aging and charge your body with this amazing protein.

Scientific studies have shown that collagen can help your joints recover faster from an injury than they usually would. Plus, it helps build bone density to protect yourself from any sports injury. Other benefits of using collagen include building more muscle mass and strength and losing fat faster than usual. By reducing bad cholesterol, this supplement also helps build the “good” HDL cholesterol that helps your heart function more efficiently.


Perhaps one of the most in-demand enhancing performance product, whey protein is an amazing addition to post-exercise meals. It is better than other protein products as it can be mixed it with a milkshake or food. Some of the benefits of including whey are better muscle synthesis during and after working out.


Multivitamins are one of the most essential supplements an athlete could include. They fill the gap for any nutrient you might be missing and help you keep a balanced diet. Vitamins are very important for muscle recovery. For instance, vitamin B gives energy to your cells while vitamin C gives you the antioxidants you need to prevent aging and speed up muscle recovery. These multivitamins include potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc which are crucial for sportspeople.

Vitamin D

Although multivitamins provide you with plenty of benefits, they just do not contain enough vitamin D. This is perhaps one of the most important supplements. As we get older and we are exposed to the sun less frequently, vitamin D deficiency increases. Some of the benefits of taking this vitamin are that it provides micronutrients that help strengthen your bones and, consequently, your overall strength.

Omega 3 acids

These acids are a type of healthy fat that help keep cholesterol levels at bay, enhance immunity and also soothe any inflammation. Athletes usually take these acids to prevent injuries. Omega 3 can be found naturally in some fish like salmon and tuna, but you can buy fish oil as a supplement. There are also supplements for vegans, such as algal oil.


The creatine monohydrate is a supplement that helps bodybuilders increase the size of muscles. According to Baylor University in Texas, creatine can boost performance and recovery.


This amino acid is usually found in most athletes’ diet. It promotes fast healing as it gives energy to the cells of the immune system. If you usually suffer from pain after a workout, you should definitely take glutamine.

General benefits of taking supplements

All these products are great for supplementing a healthy diet and exercise. To sum up, some of their benefits are:

  • More strength.
  • Muscle recovery.
  • Less body fat.
  • Weight loss.
  • Bone strength.
  • Muscle strength.
  • Less inflammation.

Some piece of advice

  • Add the supplements to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Do not expect immediate results if you are lacking one of those.
  • Find out which products are better before or after a workout.
  • Pick high-quality products. Check the ingredients and make sure they are certified.
  • Inform yourself on how to combine these products. Do not just take whatever you want. Check the recommended dosage and how you can combine products.

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