How to watch the Game of Thrones Online

How to watch the Game of Thrones Online


How to watch the Game of Thrones Online


How do you watch Game of Thrones online no matter where you are in the world?

Well, there are several options for streaming GOT seasons 1-8. Of course, there are simple solutions like buying the box from Amazon or registering for HBO, but that is not always an option. Box sets are very expensive, and you may not want to buy without the crucial last season. And HBO Go is great when you’re in the US, and you love other HBO shows, but not ideal when you’re in the rest of the world.

The best way to make sure you can see Game of Thrones online no matter where you are in the world is with a VPN. Gone are the days of dodgy VPN providers offering illegal ways to watch TV and, um, other things. Modern VPNs are secure, and your use is anonymous, so they do not store and sell your information. An excellent VPN service means that if you have a subscription service that includes Game of Thrones, wherever you are in the world, you can access it – ideal if you are going on vacation and want to catch something go upstairs or repeat your favorite show. And if you want them, here are the best Game of Thrones Season 8 theories to entertain you.

How to watch Game of Thrones over VPN

For less tech-savvy users, a VPN is used here. You must choose a region other than your own by using the VPN (I.e., America if you live in the UK) and go to any website where Game of Thrones is available for streaming. You can search for the tv shows following the words “watch online” and results like 123Movies or putlocker, and other sites will pop up.

To avoid any doubt, each VPN typically includes either a drop-down menu of servers from around the world or a flag that indicates the current location of your IP address. Your IP address has now changed in this location until you turn off your VPN. That’s because a VPN makes your ISP think that you’re in another country or region. So you can access the content of that country.

Best VPNs to watch Game of Thrones online

We already have a fantastic list of the best VPNs for Netflix, but what about supplying your Thrones needs? When you browse through sites like Fmovies or other streaming sites to watch the series, you have to use a VPN. Express VPN is the absolute best. Sure, it’s a bit expensive in addition to subscription services you may want to pay, but the ability of the software to work on any device, including your PS4 and Xbox One, is almost unprecedented.

If you’re a bit cautious about using a VPN, it’s best to try VyprVPN, which not only comes with a free trial but is fairly affordable on a large scale. It’s even possible to see HBO Go in China.

How to watch Game of Thrones online in the US

Compared to other regions, it is relatively easy to see Game of Thrones in the USA. HBO wears the rights to the show, and as such, you need to sign up for HBO Go ($ 15 / month) to get access to the episodes.

For slightly more expensive options, Amazon Video has every single episode, as well as iTunes ($ 159.99), though I would recommend the HBO Go route for usability, accessibility, and general pricing.

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