How to prepare baskets for Valentine's Day or for general gifts

How to prepare baskets for Valentine's Day or for general gifts


How to prepare baskets for Valentine's Day or for general gifts


There is nothing better than being creative in giving. We have selected several complete tips and even step-by-step instructions for you to collect baskets for Valentine’s Day, or Anniversary. The basket can be a breakfast basket or themed ones, such as chocolate baskets, beauty baskets and many others including lists and number of products.

Most people like to win as prizes, and at the same time will be surprised, with a delicious and beautiful breakfast basket for example. Like other prizes, it is important to make the right choice, in the case of a breakfast basket it is very important to choose the right way of products, decorations, gifts that will accompany baskets for Valentine’s Day or for gifts in general if there are and even how to send them.

Baskets are also an excellent gift choice for events where the desire is for fun. And in this case you will see tips on how to make a gift basket.

This could be a gift basket for someone’s birthday, to celebrate something like a wedding anniversary, a wedding, a welcome, goodbye, someone who is going to travel, a congratulatory apology, or better, without special reason, just to make people happy people who have friendship, love, and want fun. After all, pleasant surprises are always welcome.

You can do gifts for Valentine’s Day

If you know the person you are planning to provide a breakfast basket, it will not be a complicated task, and the choice of basket is now big, and of course one of them will be happy.

Nothing prevents you from offering a basket of coffee to someone you meet, or someone from school or work environment. Even though you don’t know much about that person, and their lifestyle and tastes, the breakfast basket, which consists of good and suitable products, is a great gift tip and can bring you more together with that person.

But the ideal, and if possible, is a few days before offering a basket, you can observe this person a little more, know about what he likes to eat, find information with people who are closer if possible.

Step by step how to arrange a themed basket

Step 1 – Basket bases

Buy a basket or tray to your liking. Remember that the packaging will make your basket more beautiful. Another more elegant choice is to use a wicker basket with a chest-style cover. This will serve as a gift because the person can use it later to store items inside.

Step 2- Select the product

Choose the product that will form your basket. This choice will depend on the theme of your basket, if for breakfast you will need morning products such as cakes, light coffee, milk, bread etc. If there is fruit, the fruit must be cooled and can be cut and put in a disposable container with a lid or protective layer. If you choose juice, select the proper box.

Step 3 – Ride the basket

Start by coating the bottom of the basket with crepe paper. Then carefully distribute the product in the basket, decorate it the way you want it, be careful that they don’t leave the place, and prefer that the soft product be in the middle of the basket so that it doesn’t break.

Step 4 – Decoration

After arranging food and storing everything in a basket, wrap it all in plastic paper and bags and ribbon ties (preferably those with a strong arrangement) and make a circle.

Hopefully the 4 steps above can help you to prepare a gift basket well. One thing is certain, all our gift baskets should be able to amaze everyone who sees them.

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