Tips for Choosing the Best Sports Glasses for Eye Safety

Tips for Choosing the Best Sports Glasses for Eye Safety


Tips for Choosing the Best Sports Glasses for Eye Safety


According to Vision Council, 600,000 people suffer from some sort of sports related eye injuries on an annual basis. Thus, the need to protect your eyes from various hazards can never be overemphasized. Ocular experts claim that injuries can be reduced by a great margin by simply wearing the right kind of safety gear for your eyes. Hence, It’s always good to know what exact attributes RX safety glasses should have to provide an all-round protection on the go. In the same vein, this article discusses some of the key features that you should look for in a sports glasses.


Shatter Proof Protection: Top drawer brands, such as Wiley X, offer sports sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses that have high impact resistance, which almost makes them shatter proof. Polycarbonate is essentially a thermoplastic compound that is a lot sturdier than usual plastic or glass. Furthermore, users should make sure of ANSI Z787.1 compliance, which pertains to protection against high impact accidents. Fragment proof durability is absolutely indispensable for sports enthusiasts who face a multitude of blunt trauma hazards that could induce permanent or irreparable eye damage.

Corrective Lenses: Prescription sunglasses give the best of both worlds by including refractive correction along with protection all in one eyewear. So basically, you won’t be carrying multiple glasses just to see clearly. Moreover, sunglasses that make use of polycarbonate lenses are much more lightweight than plastic or glass, thereby allowing you to pack up more prescription index. RX Sports eyeglasses are also meant to give you a sharp, sporty look which is a huge merit as well.

Polarized Lenses: Glare is a huge source of discomfort to your eyes when being outdoors in the sun. Polarized lenses help reduce glare by filtering out the excessive scattered light through means of light transmission levels in them & enhance visual definition without distorting colors. Moreover, polarized or ‘mirrored’ lenses also have a sporty aesthetic to them, which is often desired by athletes.

Lens Coating: They enhance your overall visual experience. For water sports fans, hydrophobic lens solution is a fantastic option. It prevents droplets of water from clinging on to the surface of your lens thus allowing crystal clear vision during performance. For hikers & mountaineers who face problems of fogged lenses, anti-fog solution is the way to go. Nevertheless, always sports prescription glasses which at least offer anti-scratch lens coating, which bolsters resistance against abrasions & scratches thereby increasing your glasses’ shelf life.

Design: Most sports eyewear come in a wraparound shape, which enhances lateral view thereby increasing visual range. It’s best to choose glasses that come with rubber temples and nose pieces that allow a snug fitting which prevents your glasses from sliding forward due to any head movement. It’s crucial that they don’t put excessive pressure at the sides of your head. Hence, you should take precise measurements to ensure a comfortable fit when wearing for long hours.

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