Acupuncture For Sports Injury

Acupuncture For Sports Injury


Acupuncture For Sports Injury


Sports and injury, it is a two side of one coin. Sportsperson participates in sports, and it meets with the injury for sure, at least once in their career.

There are two types of injury that you can suffer once and experience it. One is related to direct trauma i.e., like a kick to the knee, weight falling on your toe, check to the back.

The second one is the underlying cause of the chronical issue. Sitting at a desk with poor posture is underlying the chronical problem. It could be possible if your certain muscle is overwork and other are underused, at that time you won’t suffer from this injury, but over time it can hurt. As you can check acupuncture pen is very useful and make your recovery fast.

This article explains how Acupuncture is an effective treatment in sports injury.

Before moving on how Acupuncture treats in sports injury, we’ll know what is Acupuncture and how does it work?

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an essential part of Chinese medical therapy, and it is an alternative treatment of medicine. Acupuncture treatment uses thin and sharp needles. Needles are stimulated along with your skin at certain points.

Acupuncture therapy to treat sports injuries started years ago in martial arts. In Japan, sports athletes use acupuncture therapy as the US people use to get massages.

How does it work?

When you go for treatment, the acupuncturist will ask you some questions related to the injury. Acupuncturist checks your pulse, check the color and texture of your body, checks a tongue, and other characteristics related to your health issue.

When the acupuncture needles are set or deep at the source of injury-related pain, at the time of when needles touch the skin and inserted into to skin it causes slight pain at the point, acupuncturist recommends the time generally it is 10 minutes to one hour.

Acupuncture treatment changes the flow of body energy and increases blood flow for healing. Needles are linked with the white blood cell and serotonin levels, which helps to increase the immune system and improve the happiness of a person.

How Does Acupuncture help in Sports Injury?

When your body moves asymmetrically, then it leads to an injury. The body must need to fit symmetrically and structurally to avoid injury. At the early stage of your life when you are baby and start learning a crawl at that time, asymmetrical movements were started.

Acupuncture treatment helps in acute and chronic injuries. To recover from acute injuries, needles inserted at injury place, and it increases the flow of fresh blood. With needles, external herbs are used to apply on the skin, which helps in relaxation and give strength to the tissue.

For chronic issue, it requires to examine your previous injuries, how you walk, your posture, how you squat, and all necessary steps that need to follow in Chronic issues.

For ACL(Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tear, for an ankle sprain, the medical specialist will check your lower back, ankle, hip, foot, knee.

The acupuncturist places needles as per your body structure and used prescribed herbs. As well as they used acupuncture tools to increase blood flow and to give more strength in tissues and joins, tools like tui na, cupping, guasha.

If you ignore the injury, it hurts more in the future and leads to another pain. As a sportsperson, you need to perform every day, and for that, you need to be 100% fit. By Acupuncture, you can get the ultimate performance. As well we got more information from health care fix site, which is very useful for health related tips.

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