Lap swimming in your own pool

Lap swimming in your own pool


Lap swimming in your own pool


Swimming is a fun activity that offers a ton of body workout as much as cardiovascular exercise. There are a lot of benefits to swimming. Some of them include losing unnecessary weight and improving overall body strength.

There are also times when people decide to re-commit to their previous abandoned fitness goes and decide to indulge in lap swimming. This mostly means that most people will increase the times they visit their pools for a lap swim.

Lap swimming in your own pool can be a fun activity. Below are a few of the activities that make lap swimming an amusing adventure:-

  • Circle swimming

Circle swimming is one of the most standard practices when it comes to circle swimming. It is basically swimming and sticking at the back right of the line and when necessary, switching sides when it gets to your turn.

When swimming, it feels good and special having a whole lane to yourself. This is especially true for days when there are a few people like family members interested in lap swimming.

If you happen to be interested in swimming during the weekends or holidays, expect to have some members of your family around. You should also expect to circle swim. In cases where there are two people in your lane, there is a high chance that you will split a lane. In such times, getting angry that people are in your lane will not help much. It is best to cooperate and have fun.

  • An empty lane in on first come basis

Most swimmers will often place their equipment bags and water bottles infront of a lane. This is mostly to mark that the specific lane has been booked. As much as it is a family member or friends, it can be irritating to see a fellow swimmer hijack your lane even before you are done putting on your goggles.

Even in a public pool, if you happen to go swimming and notice that a fellow swimmer intends to enter a specific lane, it is polite to ask first if you can enter or win with them. If not, remember the above mentioned rules of circle swimming.

  • Do not be embarrassed of the slow lane

There are certain lap pools that have their lanes divided into slow, medium and fast lanes. So it is best for every swimmer to know what lane they fit into and stick to it.

There is no embarrassment in being a slow swimmer. The best thing about everyone sticking to their lane is that it makes it easier for them and their fellow swimmers to swim in their respective lanes.

  • Observe swimming etiquette

This is the golden rule of swimming. It is best to be the best swimming mate that your fellow swimmer would  want. Being courteous and patient are some of the qualities that are required from swimmers. In open swimming and in the case that there are fellow swimmers around, it is polite for you to let them come into your lane.

All in all, remember to always have fun while swimming since it is an amusing activity with massive activities.

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