Ted Ginn Jr. actually believes he's the fastest WR in the NFL

Ted Ginn Jr. actually believes he's the fastest WR in the NFL


Ted Ginn Jr. actually believes he's the fastest WR in the NFL


The New Orleans Saints have one of the most talented receiving corps in the NFL, with a number of players that bring different skills to the table.

Michael Thomas is one of the most physically dominant receivers in the NFL, as he, no matter what, seems to find ways to get separation, and is exceptional at winning the ball in the air. The Saints also signed tight end Jared Cook, which is a huge upgrade at the position, and makes the team more dominant attacking the seam (middle of the field).

And let’s not forget about Ted Ginn Jr., who is good at running vertical routes, and has good chemistry with quarterback Drew Brees. Not only that, Ginn continues to advocate that he’s the fastest receiver in the NFL, which he hinted at earlier in the offseason. He was asked about it recently, and doubled down on his bold claim.

“We’re in a league where everyone wants to be the best,” Ginn said, via Nathan Brown of the New Orleans Advocate. “Everyone feels like they’re the guy. That’s what this league is all about.

“But when you think about speed, and you come to the New Orleans Saints, you think about one guy. When you think about the No. 1 receiver, you go to Mike [Thomas]. We’ve all got our labels.”

Ginn then elaborated on what steps he takes to remain in peak shape — off the field.

“I’m just taking different precautions to try and stick in this league,” he said. “When you to an older age, I pay attention to the young guys around me and their different little things. Weights are great, but they’re kinda going out of style right now. When I was young, I’d do weights a lot, you know, just go with the flow.

“I’m just happy I’m able to play.”

We’re selling this claim, as we believe Tyreek Hill is exponentially faster than Ginn, with Marquise Goodwin likely to beat the Saints receiver in a foot race as well.

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