3 Food Supplements to Fulfill Your Dosage of Essential Nutrients

3 Food Supplements to Fulfill Your Dosage of Essential Nutrients


3 Food Supplements to Fulfill Your Dosage of Essential Nutrients


Everybody knows the significance of having a balanced and nutritious diet. But knowing this fact is one thing and implementing it in our life is another one – most people fail to follow this instruction.

Some people miss out food containing essential nutrients while others eat a lot of food to fulfill all their nutritional requirements. In either of the case, it is a problem! This is the reason that people look for a Supplement Store from where they can get food supplements to fulfill their food deficiencies.

But things are not all square here either! All food supplements claim to build muscles, lose body fat, and provide you essential food nutrients, so what is the actual deal?

Are all food supplements just expensive food supplementary affair? Are they all the same? Are they just earning antics of the food supplement companies? These are few of the questions which arise in our mind whenever we think of buying a food supplement.

The answer is no; all food supplements are not the same. They help our body to intake nutrients which are otherwise difficult to get. For instance, LNA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid has to be first converted into DHA and EPA to get absorbed in the body fully as not everybody’s body is capable of converting it. This deficiency can be covered with the help of a food supplement.

Here are given four types of food supplements that your body needs:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for body health, including fighting against dangerous diseases like different types of cancer and Alzheimer. Moreover, it also helps to reduce inflammation, which helps to relieve joint and muscle ache.

The best amount of Omega-3s is present in fatty fish which you should take at least three times a week. And if you are not taking it, you will lack such an essential nutrient.

Food supplements containing Omega-3 fatty acids can help to fulfill its deficiency. Mostly its liquid form is recommended than capsule form as it reduces the struggle of swallowing the capsule.


Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals which help to combat harmful oxidizing agents. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, but they are not mostly taken in sufficient amount to properly fight back oxidants.

Significantly, people who exercise or work out need more antioxidants because exercise produces an oxidative reaction that can be very harmful to the body. So, the body needs more antioxidants, which a food supplement can provide.


Fiber helps to control blood cholesterol and heart diseases. It also prevents diabetes because the combination of carbohydrates and fiber slows down the absorption process of sugar. Moreover, fiber also regulates the digestion process.

But to achieve all these benefits properly, you need to intake many fruits and vegetables five times a day. Let’s be fair, it is not possible, and that is where food supplements come for your aid.

There are two forms of fiber: insoluble and soluble. For insoluble fiber, wheat bran is the best option, and for soluble fiber, pectin, guar gum, and psyllium are good.


Though there isn’t any replacement of natural food, sometimes it is not possible to get all the food nutrients naturally. Food supplements are the best option to fulfill the food deficiencies that can create health issues later.

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