How to choose your Paddle board? Useful tips to remember

How to choose your Paddle board? Useful tips to remember


How to choose your Paddle board? Useful tips to remember


This guide is designed to give you some basic guidelines when choosing your paddle board based on your individual needs. Following this simple guide, you will avoid unnecessary mistakes, it will also help you save time and you will be closer to finding the right board for you. You can also read SUP Boards Review to enrich your insight.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you choose your ideal paddle board. We will use knowledge that is used by formers to design their boards for different surfing conditions and to perfect their models.

Tip 1: Calculate the volume of your surf board

Your paddle board volume is a unique variable for each surfer and can be easily calculated when you choose a new board. From our perspective, it is one of the most important factors when choosing a paddle board. We will choose our paddle board volume based on the weight, skill, age, physical shape and taste of each surfer.

If we observe what professional surfers use, you will appreciate that their BOTE paddle board games usually have the same volume for all their tables, logically with several variants depending on the conditions in which they will surf.

Tip 2: Wave types

Try to clarify about the types of waves you want to surf and look for paddle board styles that match the type of wave. Each board model is designed for certain wave conditions in general. For example: A broad tail will work better in soft waves than a narrower tail designed for stronger and rounder waves. Every good paddle board manufacturer knows how to combine and provide the right balance for each element of paddle board design to offer the best results depending on the type of waves and riders.

Tip 3: Identify your surf level

Each paddle board model has a specific level of performance and stability. These are the two most important characteristics. In this case, the high performance board is very sensitive and requires a very high level of surfing and control. The ideal factor is to find a paddle board that has the right performance so that you can evolve smoothly but at the same time it is stable enough so that you don’t lose a lot of waves and have fun.

Tip 4: Choose the right length

Your height is the most relevant value when choosing length. Short paddle boards are designed for certain length values. Each model is for specific purposes and choose the recommended length. You will get all the benefits of the design. 

Tip 5: Tail

Box tail – This type of tail offers good maneuverability but is not stable in strong waves, usually used for small waves or soft waves.

Round tail – A semicircular tail that offers a good grip for waves. Used for medium or large waves.

Swallow tail – Swallow tail offers good maneuverability and grip in small waves with little strength.

Diamond tail – Diamond tail, very similar to a Squash tail. This helps to rotate as the paddle board is slightly smaller but maintains the inertia.

The 5 tips above will be very useful for every beginner to choose a paddle board that is able to meet their needs and expectations. Thanks you for reading.




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