8 things you must do if you are visiting Singapore for the first time

8 things you must do if you are visiting Singapore for the first time


8 things you must do if you are visiting Singapore for the first time


If you tell people who have traveled a lot across the globe that you are going to Singapore for a long vacation they will probably think that you have lost your mind. Well, they have their reasons to think so. The reason is that Singapore has been falsely made famous as the gateway to South East Asia. It is a common notion amongst people that there aren’t much places in Singapore worth visiting. So, most people just visit Singapore and then transit to other countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia using Singapore as a junction point.

Let me tell you otherwise that such is not the case. Singapore is a place worth exploring. So here we have made a list of 8 things that are an absolute must do when you are in Singapore.

1. Get lost in the Gardens by the bay:

When asked about what is there to see in Singapore, the majority of the people will tell you about the Super trees and the Cloud forest. This botanical park is an eco-friendly spot and if you are one of those people who care about the nature then you will definitely fall in love with this place. There is a climate change exhibit inside this park and that’s just not all. There are a lot of messages related to conservation of nature which are spread throughout the park. If you think that is all, then you are mistaken. There is also a solar powered, Super tree light show which is counted as one of the best tourist attractions of Singapore. Along with that one could even find sports betting Singapore clubs nearby.

2. Don’t miss the cable car to Sentosa Island:

Sentosa Island is also called the “island of fun”. For the people who do not know, it is an artificially created island resort. It is situated off the coast of main Singapore. In mainland Singapore, you will find a lot of beautiful beaches along with a world-class aquarium and the Universal studios. If you will take the cable car then you will be rewarded with the beautiful views of Singapore harbor’s front area. Along with the theme park, there is also a lot of places to visit and see in Sentosa.

3. Try out the local food at the Hawker center:

Food is one of the attractions that interest a lot of tourists. So, in case you want to try out the local street food of Singapore, you need to visit one of the Hawker centers of the city. If you are a food lover then these places are absolute heaven for you. There are a lot of cheap, affordable and super tasty dishes ranging from the dragon fruit juice to the soybean curd, that needs to be tried out. The food providers are also rated on a scale of A to C according to the level of hygiene they follow. A is the best rating while C is the lowest. So if health is your concern, then you can easily differentiate between what to eat and what to miss.

4. Go to a cat café:

If you are a cat lover then you have set foot in the correct place. There are a lot of cat cafes across Singapore which you should definitely not miss if you are a lover of these cute fur balls. These places offer you a chance to sit back and relax with the felines all around you. You just need to take off your shoes, wash your hands clean, order something to drink if you want and then enter the world of these cute and beautiful creatures. If you are fed up of the noises of people and vehicles, then this place provides the best option to unplug from the world and enjoy some peace along with your favorite creatures. 

5. Don’t miss the little India and Kampong glam:

If it sounds interesting to you then believe me visiting this place will be many times more interesting. This amazing place is a great option for shoppers and souvenir collectors. There is also the beautiful Sri Veeramakaliamman temple to visit along with side street market where you can purchase beautiful flower garlands and amazing clothes. 

6. Cherish the art of Tiong Bahru:

“Tiong Bahru” means “new cemetery” but you should not get scared by that name because this is a must visit place for all those people who are always on a lookout for creative and artistic things. Just take a random stroll through this place and cherish the various buildings decorated by mesmerizing artwork and beautiful wall murals. You can also follow the heritage trail if you want to know about the historical significance of this place. 

7. Visit the National Museum:

If you are a person who is interested in knowing the history of things, then you should definitely not miss the National Museum. Going through this place won’t take much time, but it will tell you a lot of things about the history of this country. There are English language tours for the convenience of travelers two times a day. It is an immersive experience which shouldn’t be missed definitely. 

8. Visit the Bukit Timah natural reserve: 

If concrete structures and human population are something that you look to avoid during your travel then you must visit the highest natural point of Singapore. There are a variety of paths here, ranging from easy, moderate to tough. You might feel a bit lost here as there is not a lot of signage but that shouldn’t worry you. There is also a visitor center here where you can get information about the local ongoing conservation efforts and about the history of the natural park.

Well, these are the things that we had to suggest. There are also a lot of other things here for you to explore on your own. We will assure you about one thing, that you will definitely have a good time in this beautiful place. 

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