VPN Protocols - Any clue on VPN??? Go here

VPN Protocols - Any clue on VPN??? Go here


VPN Protocols - Any clue on VPN??? Go here


A virtual private network is a method used to add security or private, public network. It is the most useful data to support the files or transferring them safely.

VPN will make an identity and thus it helps to mask the IP address of the user where ever the location is. So many people have a fear about privacy or protection related.

Therefore, it will make sure that VPN is the more protected network that you ever seen in any other virtual platform.

A VPN subscriber can gain any IP address after starting this. It will not just hide your IP or server address will make you the citizen of any country the user prefers.

How Does VPN work?

1.To Keep all your data privacy

Need VPN to secure all your school, workplace IP and also for Government Monitoring you.VPN helps for all online websites to secure your personal data from others.It will not allow any illegal activities.

2.Protect yourself from Hackers on WI-FI

VPN is only way to secure all your performed Activities when your in online, it helps to prevent from Hacker to Interrupt all your connections.hence it will not allow others to interrupt or steal your informations, files,Documents or Any Operations carried out on the internet.

At the end it will shield you from snoopers and hackers for safer access.

3.Unlock online content that is geo-restricted. 

Most of the online actives would be blocked and geo restricted including all websites and app .This means you will not be able to access them based on where you are.When you connected with VPN server you can connect world wide websites and apps so the  user can enjoy accessing all websites and app where there are located rather than where you physically are in reality.

Virtual Private Network Protocols

The numbers of protocols are available with stunning security features and upgrading day by day. Here is the brief overview of the most common protocols that regards to the Best VPN Service.

  • Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol

The Microsoft or one of the best protocol among all other originally designs it. It is straightforward to set up or work on all kinds of old windows or the computer.

Sometimes due to many latest version still gives the bare protection to the users. Means not well protected than the latest ones.

  • L2Tp/IPsec

It is the mixture of above mentioning or L2TP protocol. The main feature is that, it will give the keys to make your connection more secure.

This protocol is not well-protected. Break easily by the experts or hacked the data or files without being noticed.

  • The secure socket tunnelling protocol

This is another Microsoft build protocol that operation is set up by many experts. This is the two factor standards for the web one is t SST, or another one is the LLT.

It is like a cryptograph setup that has two factors at one time.

  • Internet key exchange version two

It is the most secure or fast connection seems to be  latest one as well. Provides the user with best security.

  • Open VPN

It takes one of the best protocol among all others and  provides the best security as well.

This open VPN secures the connection by using valid keys. Make the protection with end to end works.

Free VS Paid VPN

 Many people think that VPN just as the open. Because they have no concept or never know the advantages of paid VPN. Both virtual networks are good, but some characteristics or specification for both systems is the change. 

Free VPN: for sing free VP, you should have just the knowledge about the VPN installation. Yes just installed or make the proxy in which you will appear the citizen of any other country. 

Use this VPN as long as you want. However, sometimes due to free of cost, it will miss some features that you should have the permission in the paid one.

Paid VPN: for the paid virtual network. You should know the specification or characteristics of that VPN after getting the confirmation to pay the charges to buy this.

Many VPN has a free trial, try with paid VPN  for the best protection than the free one. 

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