How to Enjoy Tent Camping with Toddlers

How to Enjoy Tent Camping with Toddlers


How to Enjoy Tent Camping with Toddlers


Camping comes with an excellent opportunity for the entire family. Your family will enjoy bonding over a fire as they roast hot dogs. Although it may not work for all of us, its principles are relatively simple. It’s a matter of adaptation and acclimation to living outdoors rather than within four walls. 

Are you planning to accompany your kids to the camping trip? Do you think they will adapt and acclimate to this new environment? Kids may find it challenging to survive in the new environment. Luckily enough, there are various tips and tricks to give you good camping experience and allow your time spent camping with toddlers to be more fun, secure, and enjoyable. Here are a few tips for making the most of your family’s camping experience with kids.

Before camping


Before you go camping with your kids, you need to ensure you pack everything essential for your family. Remember your kids are going to be excited about this new experience. They will want to play here and there, but they need to be protected from any danger such as bug bites, sun rays and rain. Therefore, some of the things you need to consider when packing for your trip include;

Pack some outdoor family toys

Outdoor toys that your kids are familiar with will give them a good opportunity for self-play while in the campsite. You should choose toys that they play with regularly; which will help them enjoy playing with, without being motivated on how to play or feel safe playing with them in a strange new place.

Pack a headlamp for your toddler

An excellent way to make your kids safe is to keep a headlamp on. This will protect them from being scared at night. Darkness can cause them anxiety which can be controlled by bringing headlamp. 

Pack a first aid kit

Injuries are common with kids. As a result, you should pack a first aid tool kit with all the necessary equipment that will help your family safe in case of an accident.

Pack layers for your kids

Campsites’ weather is sometimes unpredictable. Consider packing layers for your kids in case things get out of hand. Pack plenty of t-shirts, jogging pants, long-sleeved pajamas, and pack whatever else your toddler might need t keep them warm. This will prevent your kids from scampering for the safety of the tents in case they get a bit chilly.

Pack a mat for crawling kids

If your kid is still crawling, be sure to bring a large mat for them. Avoid letting them to crawl in the dirt as they may injure their palms. Also, ensure to stay near them so that they don’t wander off the mat.

Pack enough bug spray and sunscreen

Adults can stand a few bites. However, this may not be the same for your kids. Since kids are vulnerable and have weak immunity, bites can cause them lots of distress, and they may end up hating to camp for the rest of their lives. It is, therefore, vital that you bring enough bug spray and sunscreen for the kids. 

Choosing the right kind of spray and sunscreen for your kids is also as important as carrying them. Consult your doctor about using bug spray and sunscreen on your toddlers, especially if they are below one year.

Practice sleeping in a tent

Sleeping in a new place is quite harder for adults, so imagine how much harder can be for kids. Kids may not have enough experience with tents. You, therefore, need to teach them about the tents. By this, they would not have issues of sleeping in the tent.  If you have a night of backyard tent camping can be a great place to practice with your kids and will help your family be prepared for what issues you might experience at the camping site.

Pack comfy beds for your kids

It’s easier for your kids to hate camping again, if at all they will not get enough comfort sleep at the camping site. The ordinary sleeping bags may not be good enough for kids , you need to find out something comfy designed specifically for kids like kids cots or airbags.

Pack some light snacks

Consider packing some light foods for your kids, which are easy to prepare. 

Pack a backup heat source

Depending on campfire to cook your meals can be ok if you are alone, but this may not work for your kids. What if it rains? Your kids will still need to eat. In such a case, it is essential for you to have a backup source of heat, such as a propane tank.

Choosing the camping site

Choose the right campground

Safety for your kids is mandatory. For your family to have a successful camping trip, it will mostly depend on where you choose to go. Choosing a local site that’s near your home can do you more favor. With this, you don’t have to make a long road trip with your kids, only to have them already tired by the time you get to your destination. Things like hospitals are also easily accessible with local camps.

While at the camping site

Make it a learning earning experience

Nothing is exciting like seeing your kid looking at new things and being unsure of them. They will look with the most curious expression on their faces. This is the best opportunity for you as a parent to explain to them whatever they are not understanding.

Allow your kids to help whenever they feel

Kids enjoy being helpers. They will chip in to help unpack the car or pitch the tent. If they show interest, allow them to help. This important as it will help monitor them while you set up the campsite. 

Meet your kids’ entertainment needs

Adults may enjoy sitting back and watching the fire, but this may not work for the kids! There is a need for providing games, toys, and constant entertainment to them. A few tips to keep them occupied is to swim with them, let them run around. The idea here is to keep them busy as well as keeping their minds engaged. This will help when it comes to bedtime as all of you all will be able to get a good night’s rest.

Final word

Family camping is all about fun, especially when you accompany your toddlers. This is the kind of vacation your kids will remember for a very long time. Camping with your kids may be challenging, but what you need to understand is that the key to camping is proper preparation, and having the right supplies and gear actually to make it an enjoyable experience for your family.

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