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Bike fit. Standover height


Bike fit. Standover height


Choosing a bike frame is essential since your riding comfort directly depends, but choosing the right size is not that easy if you have no opportunity to get on the bike and try it. Based on years of experience, has developed a method to help you choose the minimum frame size. Here’s what you should do:

  • Stand by the wall
  • Measure the distance from the ground to the crotch
  • Multiply the result by 0.57 (for mountain bikes), 0.63 (for trek bikes), and 0.66 (for road bikes)
  • To get the value in inches, the result should be divided by 2.54. 
  • There you have it – your frame size.

Unfortunately, such calculations are still pretty general, considering all possible riding styles. In addition, there is the bike’s length factor which has a strong effect on the riding position. Luckily, you can affect it by applying some techniques and technical solutions, namely:

If the position on the bike is too low and stretched, you can set a shorter handlebar stem or, if the stem is adjustable, change its angle. This will help you change your riding position to a more vertical and comfortable one.

If your body’s gravity center is shifted backward too much and you feel that the front wheel barely touches the ground (or takes off of it), it is useful to move the saddle forward.

Another issue is the style of riding. Classic styles such as MTB, Road, Trek usually use regular dimensions pointed in various size charts. If you want to ride more aggressively and extremely, it is better to use smaller frames because a bike with a smaller frame size is better controlled. On the other hand, don’t overdo it – a bike that is too small and short will only cause you a lot of inconveniences when riding. Therefore, you need to find a “middle ground”, considering the attached calculations, style of riding and, perhaps, the opinion of experienced riders.

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