These Celebrity Athletes Live and Breathe San Diego

These Celebrity Athletes Live and Breathe San Diego


These Celebrity Athletes Live and Breathe San Diego


The blue skies and beautiful beaches of California have always made their way to the list of America’s most-wanted prime properties.

While many of California’s neighborhoods are well-known in real estate, some are more popular than others. Today’s celebrities often choose to make their home in the hip hills of San Diego.

It’s easy to see why one would want to live in this So-Cal neighborhood. Some of the world’s most beautiful mansions are scattered along the streets of San Diego. 

Everyone from celebrity athletes to rising starlets seems to be claiming an address in sunny San Diego.

Read on to find out which celebrities are best-known to live and breath San Diego!

Who Tops San Diego’s Celebrity Hot List?

Celebs of every kind are lining up to buy a home in San Diego. Here, you’ll find a diverse mix of talents, athletes and legends that would rather be in San Diego than anywhere else in the US.

San Diego-Based Actors & Actresses

Geena Davis became one of Hollywood’s favorited leading ladies for her role in classics such as “Tootsie” and “A League of Their Own”. In recent years, she’s laid low but has been spotted shopping and dining in San Diego.

Pauly Shore, who helped create MTV’s entertainment network, is rumored to live in the exclusive La Jolla area.

Celebrity Athletes

Drew Brees, the National Football League quarterback left his home in Hawaii to live in Del Mar, San Diego.

Tony Hawk, who is probably America’s most well-known pro skateboarder, resides in his own San Diego-based piece of paradise.

Hollywood Legends

When it comes to Hollywood legends, none is more famous than Marilyn Monroe.

Monroe set up residence in San Diego to play one of her most iconic roles for the movie “Some Like It Hot”. Filming took place at San Diego’s Queen Anne-style Hotel de Coronado.

However, while filmed in California, the movie was actually set in Florida, which has long been called “The Sunshine State”.

Bob Hope and Ava Gardner also have a history with San Diego’s Lafayette Hotel. But, it was Mr. Hope that was the very first guest to sign the hotel’s register. However, a long list of celebrities would follow in his footsteps over the years.

See San Diego Celebrities For Yourself!

If you want to meet some area celebrities for yourself, you might want to explore cruises from San Diego. Celebrity cruises are reportedly one of the best places for celeb sightings.

Looking For Fun Things to Do In Southern California?

If you’re visiting San Diego, why not check out some of the city’s top attractions? After all, there’s a lot more to see in San Diego besides the celebrity athletes and actresses.

Wondering what else you should add to your So-Cal itinerary?

Check out San Diego’s Official Travel Guide for some great ideas about where to go and what to do while you’re hanging out in one of the coolest towns in Cali!

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