Danica Patrick bravely submerges herself in frigid ice bath (Video)

Danica Patrick bravely submerges herself in frigid ice bath (Video)


Danica Patrick bravely submerges herself in frigid ice bath (Video)


Former NASCAR star Danica Patrick recently risked it all — in a sense — and gave the public a peek into what she was engaging in as well.

It’s unclear if she had strenuous workout, or was looking to recover for some muscle soreness or injury, but whatever the reason, she bravely ventured into an ice bath.

And, lucky for us, she posted a photo as well as a number of videos of it all, which you’ll want to check out below.

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Today is a full moon. All week my sleep has been restless. Energy has been heavy. And so many people have thought the same. With that said….this morning I almost didn’t take @gabbyreece up on stopping by for a hot/cold session before I headed to a gym workout with boss @emcapretta at their gym @proactivesp. I was busy dealing with podcast stuff and it was cloudy and I love having breakfast at home, oh and the ice is really cold!….. but I said – Suck it up buttercup, you’re not in Cali much longer! PLUS I thought it was the perfect way to move energy through the body on the day of a full moon 🌕!!!!! Set some intentions. Maybe write down something you want to let go of and burn it. Or maybe just walk outside to notice it’s luminescent beauty. ☺️ Ice bath attitude adjuster. 😉😆 Thanks coach @gabbyreece. ❤️

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Patrick is correct in that hot-cold therapy has been proven effective, but it really takes some serious commitment to actually go through with it.

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