A Look at Four Quarterbacks the Packers Could Draft in the First Round

A Look at Four Quarterbacks the Packers Could Draft in the First Round


A Look at Four Quarterbacks the Packers Could Draft in the First Round


The NFL Draft is fast approaching, and Green Bay Packers fans are eager to know who the team my select with their first-round pick. As of right now, the Packers have the 30th pick in the first round although GM Brian Gutekunst has traded either up or down in each of his previous two drafts.

This is the next in a series of articles looking at players the Packers may be interested in selecting at this year’s draft. The only players listed here are realistic possibilities for the Packers to pick at 30 or if they trade up or down slightly from that spot.

Today we will examine quarterbacks since the Packers have interviewed several signal callers in the run up to this year’s draft. With Aaron Rodgers turning 37 before the end of next season, the Packers may be looking to add an heir apparent in this year’s draft who could learn behind Rodgers for a few years similar to the way Rodgers did behind Brett Favre early in his career.

The present backup is Tim Boyle has thrown four regular season passes in his NFL career and completed three of them. Boyle will be 26 in October and remains an unproven player despite some strong performances in the preseason.

Overall, it is unlikely the Packers take a quarterback in the first round of the draft unless someone they consider to be a franchise quarterback unexpectedly falls to them late in the round. It is almost certain that Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa will certainly be off the board well before the Packers pick even with Tagovailoa’s medical concerns. The Packers are more likely to take a quarterback in the later rounds of this year’s draft if one strikes their fancy as an upgrade as a backup or a developmental quarterback.

So here is a list of possible quarterbacks the Packers may take in the first round:

1. Justin Herbert Oregon

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Oregon

Herbert has the size that most scouts look for in a quarterback at 6’6”. He is also the most NFL-ready of the signal callers on this list.

He has a strong arm and is very smart both on and off the football field. Herbert can complete all the passes in an NFL playbook. He is also a good scrambler who has the quickness to buy extra time in the pocket when pressure arrives.

If he needs to improve in one area, it’s his failure to react well when under pressure. His mechanics tend to break down when the rush is in his face and his passes often flutter off course as a result. Some scouts also question whether he’s a bit too quiet in his demeanor to be an effective leader in the NFL.

Overall, Herbert has excellent accuracy and possesses the potential tools to become a future franchise quarterback.

2. Jordan Love Utah State

NCAA Football: Utah State at Boise State

Love has excellent touch on his passes and puts the ball exactly where his receivers have the biggest advantage on contested balls. His arm strength is not elite, but he is a very good at making all the necessary throws in a pro playbook. Love is also an accurate thrower when on the move, something vital in the modern NFL.

Love runs OK but is hardly elite when it comes to scrambling or escaping the pocket. He also needs to work on finding his second and third options on passing plays and not staying too long with the primary target on any given pass play.

Overall, Love is a player who intrigues many scouts and while he may not be ready to step in and start right away, the Packers aren’t looking for any rookie quarterback to do that as long as Rodgers is healthy and ready to play.

3. Jalen Hurts Oklahoma

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff Semifinal-Oklahoma vs Louisiana State

Hurts is a good leader who stepped in and delivered at Alabama as a true freshman, taking them all the way to the national title game before being replaced by Tua. He is calm under pressure and his teammates believe in him.

He is also an elite athlete who is adept as escaping the pocket, buying time to throw or scrambling for positive yardage and key first downs.

Hurts’ biggest issue is his accuracy. He doesn’t always place the ball in the ideal place for his receivers to reach it and that reduces their ability to gain yardage after making the catch.

He will be a project for sure, but Hurts has a lot of natural ability and may be worth investing in for the right team with the right system.

4. Jake Fromm Georgia

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Georgia vs Baylor

Fromm has played in a pro-style offense which means his adjustment to the NFL may not be as great as some other quarterbacks on this list.

Fromm is also very smart and has an excellent work ethic. He is always studying game film and is adept at reading defenses. He’s not the fastest quarterback, but his ability to read and feel pressure helps him avoid it when things break down.

Teammates also respect Fromm as a leader because he works so hard and exudes confidence.

The biggest question surrounding Fromm is his overall lack of elite arm strength and athleticism. His deep throws are not always as accurate as you’d like. Fromm’s intelligence keeps him from trying to make passes he can’t make, but his lack of cannon does limit him at times.

Overall, Fromm seems to have the potential to develop into an average starter or an elite backup based on his average physical tools but his excellent intangibles.

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