Review: PadMate PaMu Quiet ANC earbuds provide great value

Review: PadMate PaMu Quiet ANC earbuds provide great value


Review: PadMate PaMu Quiet ANC earbuds provide great value


PadMate has released a new line of earbuds, and if you like listening to music in a comfortable way, at a price tag of less than $100 — you should make sure to buy a pair.

We’re big fans of the PadMate PaMu Quiet ANC earbuds, as we purchased them as soon as they were released. After hearing good things, we were happy to buy a pair, being fitness fans that listen to music and podcasts daily. And they sure lived up to the hype, and then some. Here’s our review of them, after having used them daily for the past week.

Comfort/wearability (5/5):

These earbuds, unlike so many others we’ve used, actually stay in our ears! In fact, they’ve not fallen out once. That’s rare, as we’ve been able to wear them at the gym, and going out for a walk.

In fact, we’ve not used any pair of earbuds that can actually compare to AirPods — until these, that is. And, most importantly, the PaMu Quiet earbuds come at just half the price, currently listed at $99.

For us, comfort, and ensuring that earbuds remain in the ear, are among the most important qualities we value, and these deliver on those in a big way.

Sound quality (4/5):

These are definitely good on the sound quality, given the price. We noticed that they’re excellent on the lows, but on mids and highs, they’re just decent, as many others in this price range tend to be, so no surprise here.

The bass is a bit loud, so if you like bass more than vocals — especially for EDM — these are right up your alley.

Charging/battery (4.5/5):

Battery life is pretty good, at roughly nine hours of use. However, there is something we love about the battery, and it’s the charging case, which you can see below.

The charging case lights up with a blue LED light to show how much battery is remaining, which we really like. It has different bars to do that, although in this photo, it’s fully charged, so that’s why there’s no gaps there. Still, we think it’s a great feature that many others don’t offer.

Overall/value (4.5/5):

These are some of the best earbuds on the market right now priced at less than $100, given the sound quality, battery and how well they stay in the ear. We’re now going to be replacing our old earbuds with these, because they check all the boxes we look for, and we’re excited to give these plenty of use going forward.

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