What Is The Best Course Of Action For The Celtics Tonight ?


With the draft inching closer and closer the Celtics have to make some decisions. Luckily they have a lot of options to choose from. They could draft almost anyone they want at number three, or they could trade the pick itself for another player. Trading for another player would benefit the C’s much more than drafting someone, so that’s what we’ll talk about here. However if you want to know who I think Boston should draft if they decide to keep the pick check out our latest podcast, or this article from a few weeks ago both of which discuss the draftees.

Kristaps Porzingis and Jimmy Butler are openly on the trading block. Phil Jackson has not been in love with the young star since Porzingis skipped out on his end of season meeting with the team. And Butler has been the headline of trade rumors for the last two years. The Celtics are no doubt interested in adding these players to there roster, but Ainge will not overpay for either player. The Celtics apparently turned down a Butler for the number three pick straight up. If this is true, it doesn’t lessen the value of Butler, it should tell us all that Danny Ainge can get better for less. Porzingis might be that option (see why here), he could be the big man that Brad Stevens’ system has been missing. Where as Butler is just an upgraded Jae Crowder (arguably, but let’s avoid that conversation for now).

Trading for a proven star would not only improve the Celtics current roster, it has the potential make Boston a better free agent destination. Finishing as the runner up in the ECFs and having the best record in the East already makes Boston a place of interest for free agents, but another all star would be icing on the cake. Adding an all star through trade catches the eyes of guys like Gordon Hayward and Blake Griffin. Stars want to play with other stars and proven players who can make the guys around them look better, not unproven 20 year old kids who haven’t even stepped onto an NBA court yet.

It would be wise for Boston to trade this pick to get a star. There’s only a few hours left for Danny to pull something off, but all eyes around the league will be on him.

Whatever the Celtics decide to do tonight I believe they’ll be a hot spot for free agents, but a star is better than a prospect for that. There is no doubt this draft will be full of excitement, so stay tuned to our Twitter page @Ttownsports1 for all your NBA draft updates.

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