Could Taylor Swift buy the Chiefs?

Taylor Swift

The odds are extremely unlikely, and quite frankly probably minuscule. But with the level of excitement that music icon Taylor Swift had on Sunday watching her possible new boyfriend Travis Kelce against the Chicago Bears, one needs to pose the question–could if at all possible, if things go mighty fantastic in the next while, is there a chance Swift actually might consider buying the Chiefs from the Hunt Family?

Taylor Swift’s Net Worth

Swift currently has an estimated net worth of $740 million according to Erin Keller of the New York Post. The only singer worth more than Swift is Rihanna, who has a net worth of $1.4 billion. Rihanna, like Swift, has a Chiefs connection, as she performed during the 2023 Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, won by the Chiefs 38-35.

Swift next to Travis Kelce’s mom on Sunday

Rumours swirled on Sunday of the possible relationship between Kelce and Swift (who are both 33 years old), when Swift was seen next to Kelce’s mother Donna at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. Swift was also seen cheering loudly for the eight-time Pro Bowl tight end when Kelce caught a three-yard touchdown pass with seven minutes and 40 seconds left in the third quarter during the Chiefs’s 41-10 win over the Bears. Kelce, who broke up with his girlfriend Kayla Nicole in 2022, finished the game with seven catches for 69 receiving yards. In two games this season, Kelce has 11 catches for 95 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Following the Chiefs 31-point rout, Kelce and Swift were seen together at the Prime Social Rooftop.

Chiefs are Not for Sale

The bottom line is even though Swift, the newest Kansas City Chiefs fan, has a lot of money, so does the Hunt family, and the Chiefs are not for sale. The Hunt family has an estimated worth of $15.5 billion, and are committed long term to the Chiefs organization in Kansas City. Still, it is neat to put the question out there–Could Taylor Swift buy the Chiefs?

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