Damian Lillard Speaks on Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard recently shared a lot of interesting comments on the BACKONFIGG on YouTube. He talked about his life growing up and many other things. However, Lillard also talked about his relationship with the Portland Trail Blazers.

“It’s a way that you have to go about things where you can’t be an idiot. You say I’m gonna stay down, I’m gonna ride till the wheels fall off and all that stuff. I don’t have to prove that to nobody, like I’ve shown it. I mean that in my heart. But that’s like me and you saying no matter what happens we ain’t telling on each other. Ya know, I’m saying we never tell on each other. And then the day comes where I’m still playing by those same rules,” Lillard said.

Like man, you want the same thing? We’re gonna go out together and then that ain’t the code you want to live by no more. So, when that happens, you can’t be how it was… You don’t want the same thing no more and you show me that you don’t want the same thing. We don’t want the same thing.”

This is the most we have heard from Lillard for awhile and it helps shed some light on the situation.

Damian Lillard Talks About Portland Trail Blazers 

Heat and Trail Blazers Still Trying to Come to an Agreement 

As many already know, Lillard has made it known he only wants to play for the Miami Heat. However, the superstar point guard does not have a no-trade clause meaning he cannot dictate where he potentially lands. Trade talks between Miami and Portland have picked up again in recent weeks, but the Trail Blazers are still demanding a hefty haul. If the two sides cannot come to an agreement, Lillard may have to expand his horizons and be willing to go to a different contender.

Other Teams Damian Lillard Should Consider

There are plenty of other contenders who would love to have Damian Lillard. Jayson Tatum has already given his pitch to Damian Lillard about possibly joining the Boston Celtics. Another team he should consider is the Philadelphia 76ers. With the drama surrounding James Harden, the 76ers would still be able to bring in another co-star to pair with Joel Embiid. Finally, another dark horse team Lillard should consider is the Brooklyn Nets. While the Nets are not the most fascinating team, they have young talent starting with Mikal Bridges and were still a playoff team post Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. All in all, Damian Lillard might have to open up his options.

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