Eagles Fans React To Cardinals HC Jonathan Gannon’s Comments About Coaching In Philadelphia

Jonathan Gannon

Jonathan Gannon seems to be burning a bridge with the fans and media of his former team, the NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

He is now the Arizona Cardinals head coach but just a few months ago went to the Super Bowl as the Eagles defensive coordinator.

For some reason, Gannon decided to tout his comfort level dealing with the media in Arizona by comparing his experience in Philadelphia.

He cited a specific example of the Philly media challenging him in a press conference when the team was 9-0.

What Gannon Said

He did not appreciate being challenged when his team was undefeated because the media felt as though the Eagles should blitz more.

As you can imagine, Eagles fans had opinions about what Gannon said.

Fans Reacted

Sons of Swoop Podcast said:

“Gannon wasn’t cut out for Philly. He sounds bitter, despite being awful against good Qb’s. Glad we hired DeSai who knows the city, considering he went to and coached at Temple”

Aaron Jackson said:

“Thank god he’s gone. He can’t handle the heat”

Ethan said:

“He was carried by his players talent on defense. Couldn’t make adjustments and in the Super Bowl was absolutely exposed. Go stink it up in the desert, Gannon”

Eddie said:

“What a model head coach.. failure to accept the blame … You were poor at in-game adjustments.. lol there is a reason Andy kept running the same jetsweep formation and score on the same play back to back ..which cost us the game”


It does seem that Gannon is in a bit of denial.

Why would he cite an example when the Eagles were undefeated?

His defense could not stop the Kansas City Chiefs in the second half of the Super Bowl.

That is the issue he should be taking responsibility for.

Besides, he has much bigger issues facing him in Arizona including Pro Bowl safety Budda Baker wanting a trade.

It is a franchise in chaos, and as a rookie head coach, he needs to put the pieces together and win.

If he cannot do that, he will be out of a job sooner rather than later.

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