Gaming Technology Predictions For 2020

Gone are the days for bad pixel-ed video games, over the time video games have developed technologically a lot. With real-life graphics and outstanding sound quality, these games have come a long way. Today, video games are no longer restricted to game-boys, they are available for computers, mobiles, tablets, consoles etc. The introduction of online gaming has made it possible to play games like live casino games, live quizzes, online FPS games, online sports games etc anytime, anywhere. No wonder, you see every other guy trying out his luck with games on mobiles and tablets. The gaming industry is developing rapidly and will continue to do so in 2020 as well.
Let’s take a look at a few gaming technologies that might become a reality by 2020.

Hyper-immersive gameplay through virtual reality and photo-realistic graphics

The virtual reality (VR) technology currently lacks in the quality of graphics. However, coming in future, VR will be coupled with real-life 3D graphics. VR headsets will have hardware capabilities that’ll let the gamers enjoy hyper-immersive gameplay. Soon, even the simplest of games like Solitaire or the live casino bonus games listed at will use enthralling 3D graphics and VR technology.

Open-source game development

The gaming industry is ruled by top game developers, however, there are individuals or independent developers who are more than capable of developing their own game or altering a previously developed one. Open-source game development will allow the same for the creative thinkers by reducing the importance of procuring a software development kit.

Gaming Cloud

Cloud computing will soon come alive in the gaming industry as well. This will let gamers access a game from multiple devices. For example, the gamers will be able to risk their fate with online casino bonus games or test their fighting skills with arcade games from many devices using the internet. This technology will also help gamers by making games easily accessible to those who don’t have a console or PC.

Augmented Reality (AR)
AR comes handy as it can be used with mobile phones, tablets, consoles, computers, smart-watches, and AR headsets. The game Pokemon Go showed the world what lies ahead with AR technology in store.

Handheld Consoles
Back in the 2000s, the hand-held consoles or the gameboys were a really cool thing. However, growing bored of playing on consoles and smartphones, people are demanding the cool handheld consoles back. It will only be a matter of time when these consoles will rule the gaming industry again.

Secondary screens and gaming devices
The big game developers are looking forward to introducing the world to a new gaming technology that will let the gamers enjoy their favourite game on one screen and will allow running another application/software on the second screen. Imagine playing games and checking your e-mails simultaneously, pretty cool, right? The big companies like Sony, Nintendo, Konami and Microsoft are already working on developing this technology.

Gaming industry is developing rapidly and the gaming devices are being improved with latest technologies ensuring a better gaming experience.