Average NFL Head Coaching Salaries Hit $7.2M, Highest Mark in History

Highest Paid NFL Coaches 2022

NFL head coaches can leave a long-lasting impact on the success of a franchise. While NFL head coaching salaries aren’t always disclosed, we’ll attempt to rank the highest-paid head coaches in the NFL based on their annual salary. Read on to learn more about the highest-paid NFL head coaches ahead of the 2022 season.

Highest Paid NFL Coach, Ranked By Annual Salary

NFL head coaching salaries have been on the rise over the last decade.

In 2019, we estimated that the lowest coaching salary was estimated at $4.5 million. While NFL head coaches are paid well, they are often the first person to blame when teams fail to meet expectations.

The average tenure of an NFL head coach is just over four seasons or the length of one coaching contract. That number goes down even further for coaches without at least one Super Bowl appearance.

The NFL coaching carousel continued to turn during the offseason, as nine teams will introduce new head coaches in 2022. While new head coaching contracts often steal the headlines in the offseason, the longest-tenured head coaches tend to be among the highest paid coaches in the NFL.

Below, we’ll rank the highest paid NFL coaches ahead of the 2022-23 regular season.

1. Bill Belichick, New England Patriots— $18 million per year

Highest Paid NFL Coaches 2022- Bill Belichick

Arguably the greatest coach of all-time, Bill Belichick earns about $18 million in salary every year. With six Super Bowl rings on his head coaching resume, Belichick’s contract suggests that he has been worth every penny to Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft.

In addition to being the head coach of the Patriots, Belichick also holds additional responsibilities over the team’s football operations and acts as New England’s general manager.

Belichick’s reported coaching salary with the Patriots may also be less than the full extent of his overall package, which is believed to be north of $20 million per year, according to ProFootballTalk.

2. Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams — $18 million per year

Highest Paid NFL Coaches 2022- Sean McVay

Sean McVay was hired in 2017 at 30 years old, becoming the youngest head coach in NFL history. The move paid off, as the Los Angeles Rams have yet to miss the playoffs since he became head coach. McVay won Super Bowl LVI last season, becoming the youngest NFL coach to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

The Super Bowl win also earned him a lucrative contract extension.

While McVay’s contract was not officially disclosed, his head coaching contract is estimated to be worth between $15 and $18 million per year.

However, McVay reportedly had a $100 million deal from Amazon on the table to join the broadcast booth, so there is a chance the Rams’ coach was able to have some leverage when negotiating his new deal.

3. Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks — $14 million per year

Highest Paid NFL Coaches 2022-Pete Carroll

70-year-old Pete Carroll has continued on strong in Seattle, where he has earned the spot among the highest-paid coaches in the NFL by having a career .588 winning percentage, in addition to a Super Bowl victory in 2013.

In 2018, Carroll signed a three-year contract extension estimated at $14 million a season.

The Seahawks had a rough 2021 season, finishing 7-10, and elected to move quarterback Russell Wilson in the offseason. While Carroll is safe in Seattle, the team’s decision to trade its franchise quarterback indicates Carroll and the Seahawks are in rebuilding mode.

4. Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs — 12 million per year

Highest Paid NFL Coaches 2022- Andy Reid

Andy Reid, otherwise known as Big Red, has been an NFL head coach for over two decades.

With Patrick Mahomes at quarterback, Reid was able to finally win the big one, becoming a Super Bowl champion in 2019.

Reid resurrected the Kansas City Chiefs and took the franchise to the next level with Mahomes under center. Under Reid’s watch in 2015, the Chiefs tallied their first playoff win since 1993 over the Houston Texas during the NFL Wildcard weekend.

Dubbed one of the league’s offensive geniuses, Reid has had success in both Philadelphia and Kansas City. He is the only NFL coach to win 100 games and appear in four consecutive conference championships with two different franchises. He also won AP Coach of the Year back in his fourth season with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2002.

Reid reportedly signed a five-year contract extension in 2017 worth $12 million a year.

5. Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers — $11.5 million per year

Highest Paid NFL Coaches 2022- Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin had no head coaching experience when he was hired by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2007. He has honed his skills over the years, becoming one of the best coaches in the league.

In 15 years as head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tomlin has never finished below .500, per Pro Football Reference. Tomlin has a regular season record of 154-85-2, playoff record of 8-9, and has gone 1–1 in the Super Bowl.

One of the league’s longest-tenured coaches, Tomlin has established himself as a future Hall-of-Hamer and one of the NFL’s highest paid coaches. ​​

6. Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco 49ers — $9.5 million per year

Highest Paid NFL Coaches 2022- Kyle Shanahan

Following in his dad’s footsteps, Kyle Shanahan has established himself as one of brightest offensive minds in the NFL. Only two years as the head coach of San Francisco, Shanahan took the 49ers to the Super Bowl with Jimmy Garrapolo under center.

In 2020, Shanahan went on to leverage that Super Bowl appearance for a new six-year deal valued at $9.5 million a year. Since then, Shanahan and the 49ers made the postseason once again in 2021, losing in the NFC Championship Game.

7. John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens — $9 million per year

Highest Paid NFL Coaches 2022- John Harbaugh

John Harbaugh became the Baltimore Ravens head coach with a knack in special teams in 2008. He won a Super Bowl ring in 2012 and has experienced just two losing seasons in Baltimore.

In 14 years, Harbaugh averaged a win percentage of .609 and owns a regular season record of 137-88-0. Under Harbaugh, Baltimore has only missed the playoffs five times.

His current contract with the Ravens is valued at approximately nine million per year.

8. Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans — $9.0 million per year

Highest Paid NFL Coaches 2022- Mike Vrabel

Mike Vrabel made an immediate impact as head coach of the Tennessee Titans with three straight playoff appearances in just four years. A former linebacker, Vrabel holds a regular season record of 41-24 and a .631 win percentage, making him one of the best young coaches in the league.

In his first playoff appearance, Vrabel defeated his old coach and teammate, Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady. Vrabel took the Titans to the AFC Championship in his second year, only losing to the eventual Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs.

After winning the AFC last season, Vrabel was rewarded with a healthy contract extension that will keep him in Tennessee for years to come.

9. Frank Reich, Indianapolis Colts —  $9.0 million per year

Highest Paid NFL Coaches 2022- Frank Reich

Frank Reich joined the Indianapolis Colts as an offensive coaching staff assistant in 2008. A  decade later, he would be hired as head coach of the Colts. Reich spent time as an offensive assistant with three other teams (Arizona, San Diego, and Philadelphia) before becoming a head coach in Indianapolis.

After becoming an offensive coordinator in Philadelphia, he helped guide the Eagles to their first Super Bowl title in Super Bowl LII.

Since then, Reich took the Colts to the playoffs twice in his first three years without a franchise quarterback, which is not an easy feat to accomplish.

10. Matt Rhule, Carolina Panthers — $8.5 million per year

Highest Paid NFL Coaches 2022- Matt Rhule

After turning around two college programs in Temple and Baylor, Matt Rhule was hired by Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper. Rhule signed a seven-year contract valued at $8.5 million a year to work his magic.

The Panthers are in rebuilding mode and Rhule has a 10-23 regular season record. While they are still on the hunt for a franchise quarterback, rumor has it that Carolina is looking to make a trade for former No.1 overall pick Baker Mayfield.

As expectations continue to grow, Rhule could find himself on the hot seat with another losing season.

Ranking The Highest NFL Head Coaching Salaries

After winning Super Bowl LVI with the Los Angeles Rams, head coach Sean McVay was rewarded with a contract extension that made him one of the highest paid coaches in the NFL.

Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, Andy Reid, and Mike Tomlin are also among the longest-tenured and highest-paid NFL head coaches. Once considered some of the league’s best bargains, Kyle Shanahan, Mike Vrabel, and John Harbaugh have earned big pay days after earning contract extensions with their current teams.

For a complete breakdown of the highest paid NFL coaches ranked by their annual salary, check out the chart below.

Rank Head Coach Team Division Salary
1. Bill Belichick New England Patriots AFC East $18,000,000
2. Sean McVay Los Angeles Rams NFC West $18,000,000
3. Pete Carroll Seattle Seahawks NFC West $14,000,000
4. Andy Reid Kansas City Chiefs AFC West $12,000,000
5. Mike Tomlin Pittsburgh Steelers AFC North $11,500,000
6. Kyle Shanahan San Francisco 49ers NFC West $9,500,000
7. John Harbaugh Baltimore Ravens AFC North $9,000,000
8. Mike Vrabel Tennessee Titans AFC South $9,000,000
9. Frank Reich Indianapolis Colts AFC South $9,000,000
10. Matt Rhule Carolina Panthers NFC South $8,500,000
11. Sean McDermott Buffalo Bills AFC East $8,500,000
12. Ron Rivera Washington Commanders NFC East $8,500,000
13. Mike McCarthy Dallas Cowboys NFC East $6,000,000
14. Doug Pederson Jacksonville Jaguars AFC South $5,500,000*
15. Josh McDaniels Las Vegas Raiders AFC West $5,500,000*
16. Kliff Kingsbury Arizona Cardinals NFC West $5,500,000
17. Matt Lafleur Green Bay Packers NFC North $5,500,000
18. Lovie Smith Houston Texans AFC South $5,000,000
19. Robert Saleh New York Jets AFC East $5,000,000
20. Brian Daboll New York Giants NFC East $5,000,000
21. Brandon Staley Los Angeles Chargers AFC West $4,500,000*
22. Nick Sirianni Philadelphia Eagles NFC East $4,500,000*
23. Arthur Smith Atlanta Falcons NFC South $4,500,000*
24. Todd Bowles Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC South $4,500,000*
25. Dan Campbell Detroit Lions NFC North $4,500,000*
26. Dennis Allen New Orleans Saints NFC South $4,500,000*
27. Kevin O’Connell Minnesota Vikings NFC North $4,500,000*
28. Matt Eberflus Chicago Bears NFC North $4,500,000*
29. Zac Taylor Cincinnati Bengals AFC North $4,500,000
30. Kevin Stefanski Cleveland Browns AFC North $4,500,000
31. Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins AFC East $4,500,000
32. Nathaniel Hackett Denver Broncos AFC West $4,500,000

What is the Average NFL Head Coaching Contract Worth in 2022?

The average tenure of an NFL head coach is less than a typical contract but they are still paid well for the time they spend on the sidelines.

According to our projections, the average NFL head coach salary is approximately $7,268,750.

While Bill Belichick and Sean McVay are among the highest-paid coaches at $18 million annually, the lowest-paid NFL head coaches still earn around $4.5-5.0 million per year.

While six of the top-10 highest paid NFL coaches came from the NFC, AFC head coaches will earn more on average than NFC coaches in 2022.

The average AFC head coach will earn $7.5 million in 2022 compared to just $7 million for NFC head coaches.

Which NFL Division Pays Head Coaches The Most Money?

It pays to be a head coach in the NFC West.

Arguably the toughest division in football over the last few years, NFC West coaches have been rewarded handsomely for their success.

According to our salary projections, the average NFC West coach makes a whopping $11.75 million per year.

Two of the top-three highest paid coaches in the NFL reside in the NFC West, including Super Bowl winning head coach Sean McVay.

McVay was reportedly rewarded with a handsome contract that put him in contention with Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick as the highest-paid coaches in the league.

The Seahawks have decided to embark on a long-term rebuild but veteran head coach Pete Carroll appears to have job security from the Seattle front office. With a head coaching contract estimated at $14 million annually, Carroll comes into the season as the second-highest paid coach in the NFC West, behind only Sean McVay. Meanwhile, Kliff Kingsbury is the lowest-paid head coach in the division with a coaching contract that pays him roughly $5.5 million per year.

One of the brightest offensive minds in football, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan rounds out the list of NFC West head coaches. At roughly $9.5 million per year, Shanahan finds himself just outside of the top-five highest-paid coaches in the NFL.

Average NFL Head Coaching Salary by Division

  • AFC East — $9,000,000
  • AFC North — $7,375,000
  • AFC South — $7,125,000
  • AFC West — $6,625,000
  • NFC East — $6,000,000
  • NFC North — $4,750,000
  • NFC South — $5,525,000
  • NFC West — $11,750,000
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