How to Choose Volleyball Knee Pads

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Knee injuries are common among men and women. Some great careers have sadly come to an end because of knee injuries. It is crucial for you to take adequate care of your knees by providing the necessary support your knees need. If you play volleyball professionally, your knees face even more exposure to risks that may cause injury. It is essential for you to choose the best volleyball knee pads.

What is your position in a volleyball game?

The padding on the knee pads of volleyball players varies depending on their positioning during the game. For example, if you are a back player, you dive less and need to be fast on your feet. Your knee pads need less padding to facilitate fast and easy mobility. If you play at the front, you dive more so you need more padding on your knees to provide the protection your knees need.

Are you a beginner or an experienced player?

Although accidents happen and every player is at risk, experienced players have a stronger grip on the game. Beginners need to play it safe by having sufficiently padded knee pads. However, this does not mean experienced players can get away without wearing knee pads. As you gain the necessary experience, you will be able to judge how much padding is enough such that it does not interfere with the speed of your movement while keeping your knees safe.

Choose well-fitting knee pads

Knee pads come in different sizes. Besides looking at the quality of padding on the knee pads, it is important for you to choose the right size. If you get knee pads that are a size too big, they will slide up and down, as well as, rotate during your game. If the knee pads are too small, they will affect blood circulation. They may also be too tight which will be uncomfortable. Small knee pads will also not protect your knees.

Choose knee pads based on your preference

When it comes to comfort, everyone has a preference. Some people prefer knee pads that are a little tight, while others prefer longer knee pads. The surface area of the knee pads also varies, and each player picks one based on his or her interest. One way of knowing if the knee pads are perfect for you is by trying different types. The knee pads that fit well enough that you forget you have them on are the ideal ones.

When choosing volleyball knee pads, it is vital for you to consider the durability of the fabric it is made of. They also need to padded in all the right angles to ensure your entire knee is protected. The aesthetic design also matters because knee pads are not just about comfort and protection. How great they look will have an impact on your overall appearance when you are playing volleyball. Several brands of knee pads are in the market. You will get one that suits your style and budget.

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