Nick Foles Confirms What Philadelphia Eagles Fans Already Knew

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

NFL quarterback Nick Foles, 34, is already a legend in Philadelphia.

He is the architect of the Philadelphia Eagles‘ 2018 Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots.

A statue of Foles and then Eagles Coach Doug Pederson brainstorming the now legendary “Philly Special” play is outside Lincoln Financial Field.

If possible, Foles improved his legendary status with his recent comments when he was asked which is the best NFL stadium and city to play in.

What Foles Said

Foles believes putting on the midnight green, playing in Lincoln Financial Field, and hearing the cheers of the Philadelphia Eagles fans is the absolute best NFL experience.

He should know.

Foles has had two stints with the Eagles in his 11-season career.

He played with the Eagles from 2012-2014 and again from 2017-2018.

Foles also played for the St. Louis Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, and his current team the Indianapolis Colts.

He has been to and through a lot of NFL stadiums and cities in his career so he is an expert in this area.

Foles talked about not having to face the Eagles in Lincoln Financial Field as the visiting team; somehow he has avoided that fate so far in his career.

Fans will have mixed feelings if that happens because they know and love Foles for bringing them their Super Bowl five years ago.

After The 2023 Super Bowl, Foles Legend Grows Bigger In Philly

The fact is that Foles is becoming a bigger legend as time goes by.

That 2017 Eagles team was an underdog to the healthier and more playoff-experienced New England Patriots.

Foles came off the bench to lead the Eagles when prior to his season-ending injury, Carson Wentz was on an MVP-like march during that 2017 season.

This is a stark contrast to the 2022 Eagles team, widely viewed as the best in the NFL and one that many expected to defeat Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 57.

Until Jalen Hurts can deliver a Super Bowl win to Philly, Nick Foles is the man no matter what he does in the rest of his NFL career.


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