Quick Thoughts on Cowboys Final Game

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles

The Dallas Cowboys have finished the regular season with a franchise tying 13-3 record. All sights are now focused on the playoffs and getting two more wins to get to the Super Bowl in Houston.

As for the game, it had the feel of a glorified preseason game, which was expected. My stress levels were down and there wasn’t the typical enragement that happens in the heat of watching the game.

We needed to get out of Philly without injuries to starters and we accomplished that mission. The Cowboys gave Dak Prescott two series and Tony Romo got a series which ended with the Cowboys only TD of the game.

Here are my thoughts on the game:

  • Mark Sanchez played awful, and these were decisions he made on the field. 2 Ints and a terrible scramble for negative yardage at the end of the game was ridiculous. You have to wonder if the Cowboys try to float the idea to Romo to stick around at a reduced rate. If not, the Cowboys will be paying for a backup, unless you feel good about Kellen Moore or Jamiel Showers.
  • Lance Dunbar does not like contact. He chose to block a delayed rusher, when he infact saw Jenkins coming first, but made the decision he made which caused a monster sack with a substantial lick on Prescott. I am dumbfounded as to why the Cowboys keep this guy in there when you have McFadden in the lineup.
  • Speaking of Darren McFadden, he had a nice game. He still has the wheels, plus he’ll block and catch the ball. I am fully onboard in re-signing McFadden. Get him a 2yr deal and let Dunbar miss blocks elsewhere.
  • Damien Wilson stepped up with Sean Lee out of the lineup and he was all over the field making sound tackles. I like his upward tick and next year could be a breakout season. Looking good.
  • Tony Romo looked good in his only drive. He had zip on the ball and nice rhythm with Terrance Williams for the TD. No indications of rust of lack of throwing power. If this was Romo’s last game as a Cowboy, teams will be lining up for his services in the offseason.
  • Cole Beasley finished the season as the Cowboys receptions leader and led the team with receiving yards as well. Impressive season, and nice Heisenberg level chemistry with Prescott. That duo gets it done in the air.
  • Randy Gregory got his 1st career sack today and had a nice run stuff as well. The potential is there, but it won’t matter until he puts football #1 in his life. The Cowboys rolled the dice and we’ll see what he does during his presumed 2017 ban. If he can’t stay clean his career is over, it’s on life support right now.
  •  Emmett Cleary is not an adequate swing tackle. With Chaz Green inability to finish a season, it puts the Cowboys in a bind and we’ll be looking for options in the offseason.
  • Ezekiel Elliott wins the NFL rushing title despite not playing the final game. What an amazing feat year 1!

Black Monday Thoughts

Tomorrow we’ll have a pretty good idea of where potential head coach openings may be. Scott Linehan will surely get some interviews and one spot to keep an eye on is Denver. I could see John Elway wanting an offensive mind there and Linehan would come into a team with nice weapons. Throw in the idea of Romo to to Denver and this could be a big swoon for the Broncos.

If Linehan take a job somewhere, I would hope the Cowboys take a long look at Norv Turner and keep Dak Prescott’s developmemt going. Turner is very much like Linehan and considered a “QB whisperer”, so we’ll see how some of the hire’s shake out.

Overall, I think some of these teams with opening will be looking to make a deal for Tony Romo. These coaches need an established QB, the free agency market is terrible this year, and so is the incoming QB draft class.

For more on the Postgame check out the CowboysBlog.Net Youtube channel below.

Great regular season. Onward to the Playoffs! Let’s go Dallas!

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