Which Unbeaten NFL Team Will Stay Perfect The Longest?

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The Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco 49ers are 3-0 going into Week 4 of the NFL‘s 2023 season.

Of these three, the Eagles are the least surprising as they went 7-0 last season before getting their first loss against the Washington Commanders.

Let’s look at each team’s upcoming games to see how long their unbeaten streaks can go.

1. Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Terron Armstead

The Dolphins are the hottest team in the NFL.

Putting up 70 points in Week 3 makes them a target for ambitious opponents in the weeks ahead.

The Week 4 opponent is Buffalo, and the game is in Buffalo.

Winter weather has not hit Buffalo yet, and the Sunday forecast is for 77 degrees and sunshine.

If the Dolphins get past the Bills, they have two home games against the New York Giants and the Carolina Panthers.

They could be 6-0 before traveling to their Week 7 game in Philadelphia against the Eagles.

Fans have this game circled on their calendars because it will be an exciting one that could potentially dethrone an undefeated team.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith

The Eagles have three upcoming winnable games against the Washington Commanders, Los Angeles Rams, and New York Jets.

Yes, the Commanders snapped the Eagles’ winning streak in 2022, but that game was in Washington.

The Week 4 game is in Philadelphia.

That means the Eagles could be 6-0 when they host potentially another 6-0 team, the Miami Dolphins on October 22 on Sunday night football.

3. San Francisco 49ers

Which Unbeaten NFL Team Will Stay Perfect The Longest?

Of the three unbeaten teams, the 49ers appear to have the most challenging three weeks ahead.

They host the Arizona Cardinals in Week 4 who are fresh off a big upset win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Then the 49ers host Dallas before traveling to Cleveland to take on the Browns on October 15.

The 49ers are likely to lose their unbeaten record before the other two teams given those opponents.

And even if they do get through that three-week span without losing, they have the Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals in the two weeks after that.

Will a team repeat the Eagles 2022 feat of going 7-0?

Or will a team be perfect like the 1972 Dolphins?

It is way too early to consider that, but if we get to the end of October with an unbeaten team, expect the talk and hype to begin building.

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