Why Should You Consider Playing Golf?

Watching golf on the television, admittedly, isn’t the most exciting spectacle, and it is a reason why golf has remained an obscure game with most people characterizing it as being a game played only by rich old men. But the reality of playing the game yourself is vastly different from what you see on TV, and if you actually learn about the game and what makes it special and interesting, you might want to give it a try. This article will try to convince you of that – to counter the perceived unjust infamy golf has garnered.

Physical Exercise

If you want a game that gives you enough physical exercise without overwhelming you, golf is an excellent sport. It isn’t like physically exhausting games such as football and basketball, where you are constantly running on the field, and it is not like relatively stationary sports like pool or bowling which involve minimal physical activity.

Golf is the perfect balance between the two types. You casually move around the golf course and there’s relatively little to no running involved. But you’ll also stand around, swing a club, and push a pushcart around for approximately four hours (which is the average duration of a game), and all this gives you a decent bit of exercise without overexerting you. If you’re not the type who enjoys intense physical activities, this might be a great way to sneak some in.

Appreciating Nature

Most sports broadly fall under two categories:

  • Games that are played inside or in extremely curated fields that don’t have any connection with nature.
  • Games that are played outdoors but are too fast and intense for you to pause and enjoy nature – surfing, canoeing, etc.

Golf doesn’t fall under either of those – while most golf courses are well-taken care of and aren’t full of weed and wild animals, most are surrounded with lakes, woods, and overlook attractive scenery. Thanks to a golf game’s slower pace, you can pause and enjoy nature fully. There’s no rush, and the nature of the game makes you walk all around the course observing everything.

If you need a couple of hours to unwind and bond with nature, golf isn’t a terrible option.

More than Just a Physical Sport

Golf isn’t just physical, there’s a lot of strategy and preparation that goes through each swing. Even before a game starts, players usually spend half an hour preparing. This is excellent news for more analytically minded people that get bored quickly if an activity is purely physical. Don’t worry, however – while the strategy elements are pronounced, it is nothing similar to a purely intellectual game like chess, so you won’t get a headache from playing it.

If you hate physical activity, you can make your life much easier by buying a good pushcart that does most of the heavy lifting for you. Reading golf push cart reviews on a great website will tell you all about the lightest and most effective way to carry your stuff in with minimum effort.

A Sport to Socialize with People

Most sports don’t let you freely joke, talk, and socialize with people – Golf is almost unique in how it facilitates socializing and helps people talk things over. This is probably the reason you see a lot of businessmen play golf while discussing a deal. It allows time to build friendly relations, talk about various deals, and think about them carefully before coming to a conclusion.

Chances are you’re not a big investor reading this article (if you were, you’d already know how important golfing is), but this doesn’t mean it is useless to you. You can still convince your friends, family, or coworkers to spend a relaxing afternoon with you playing golf.

If you haven’t had a family gathering for a long period of time, choosing a game of golf will probably sound more exciting to your family members than sitting around at home.