Helping your sports team bond

Helping your sports team bond


Helping your sports team bond


At the start of each new season, it is difficult to welcome new players to the team. Whether it’s soccer or hockey we are talking about, teams have the same needs. Previously, players have got to know each other and feel comfortable and confident together. New members can throw the teamwork off balance and it’s important to pre-empt that happening. Putting preventative measures in place and supporting team building are imperative. We offer three ways in which you can help your sports team to bond. 

1. Team building exercises

There are countless games and activities, which can be used to help teams to form close bonds. Whether you choose to go on a night out (age-dependent, of course!) or camping for a weekend, why not try one of the suggestions below?

  • Knotted

This works brilliantly on a sports field as there is plenty of room. Get each team member to face one another in a close circle. They should put their right hand into the middle of the circle and then, upon instruction, grab a random hand. Without letting go of any hands, the team has to try to work together to untie the knot. It relies on great communication: something that every sports team needs. Adapt for larger groups by forming two smaller circles. 

  • Two truths and one lie

This is best as part of a night out. The idea is that each member of the team creates one lie about themselves and also states two truths. The rest of the group have to try to work out which is the lie. Not only can this game give you enormous insight into other people’s lives outside of sport, it can also be great fun. This works well as an icebreaker activity. Make sure that everyone gets involved, including the coach. It is important for everyone to get to know each other.  

2. Something in common

Providing your team with things that give them something in common, in addition to playing the same sport, is a great way of getting them to feel more of a connection. Consider personalized hoodies with the team name and their nickname. Do make sure that the name chosen to go on the hoodie is one they are ok with and not offensive. If hoodies are not quite right, why not try some unique socks from There are many different options to choose from in terms of colour and design. Plus, they could give your team members a real laugh as well as a sense of togetherness. 

3. Charity events

Doing something for others less fortunate makes you feel good. Working together for a good cause can really create a special bond. Whether it’s a fundraising event you decide to host yourself or you offer your team’s services at someone else’s, it is bound to have many positive outcomes. Be sure to wear your team colours or uniform to ensure everyone can see who you are; it’s great publicity too! You may even recruit some new members. A win-win situation!

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