Aaron Rodgers Announces On Pat McAfee Show He Wants To Play For Jets

The Hefty Cost of an Aaron Rodgers Trade, According to an NFL Insider

In the 2023 NFL offseason spectacle that has surrounded Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, no one should be surprised by the twists and turns of this story.

We heard so much last week about the New York Jets talking with Rodgers directly, after getting permission from Green Bay.

Everything has been relatively quiet until Wednesday when Rodgers appeared on The Pat McAfee Show on YouTube and announced his future intentions.

What Rodgers Wants

He said that he wants to play for the New York Jets.

The time for clarity is now, and after weeks of literal and figurative darkness, it appears we know what will happen next.

It is worth noting that an official trade between the Packers and the Jets has not been announced.

Rodgers Has High Praise For Jordan Love

Rodgers also had kind words to say about his successor, Jordan Love.

He said:

“Jordan (Love) is going to be a great player, he’s a great kid, they got a good young team.”

Rodgers Is Betting On Himself

Though Aaron Jones publicly said that Rodgers talked often in the locker room about his legacy as a Packer and spending his entire career with the team, the reality is that Rodgers is betting on himself to be the catalyst for the New York Jets.

Many will say that he should have won more than one Super Bowl with the Packers.

Others will talk about how he is following an eerily similar path as his Hall of Fame predecessor Brett Favre, who was traded to the Jets 15 years ago, clearing the slate for Rodgers to start his Packers career.

In the end, Rodgers is a 39-year-old superstar who will be a Hall of Famer regardless of how this turns out.

Rodgers wants to have Tom Brady’s success of switching conferences and leading his new team to a Super Bowl Championship in the first season.

The reality is that the AFC is very competitive, and the path will not be an easy one, but no one can discount the Jets when this trade becomes official.

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