Colts’ QB Matt Ryan Has More Losses Than Any Active NFL Quarterback

Colts’ QB Matt Ryan Has More Losses Than Any Active Quarterback

Often considered the hardest position in all of sports, NFL quarterbacks are forced to take the blame when their teams fail to meet expectations.

Earlier, we looked at the QBs with the most losses in NFL history, but what about quarterbacks that are still playing today?

Below, we’ll break down which active NFL quarterbacks have the most losses.

Matt Ryan Has Most Losses Among Active NFL QBs

Matt Ryan leads the list with 120 losses, the most among all active NFL quarterbacks.

Despite topping the list, Ryan actually had a winning record as the Atlanta Falcons’ starting quarterback. He went 120-102 in 222 career games as a starter before being traded to the Indianapolis Colts during the offseason.

Meanwhile, Matthew Stafford, the next QB on the list, is fresh off of winning the 2022 Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams.

Before coming over to the Rams, Stafford spent 12 years toiling in mediocrity in Detroit with the Lions. He owns a career 86-95-1 record as an NFL starter, but 90 of his 95 losses came in Detroit.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady has just 73 losses during his 22-year NFL career. That number is even more remarkable considering he has played more NFL regular season games (318) than any non-kicker in NFL history. Brady owns a career 243-73 record and has won 76.9 percent of his games as a starter.

For a breakdown of the top-10 active NFL QBs with the most losses, check out the list below.

  1. Matt Ryan – 102 losses
  2. Mathew Stafford – 95 losses
  3. Joe Flacco – 78 losses
  4. Tom Brady – 73 losses
  5. Derek Carr – 70 losses
  6. Andy Dalton – 69 losses
  7. Cam Newton – 67 losses
  8. Aaron Rodgers – 66 losses
  9. Kirk Cousins – 60 losses
  10. Ryan Tannehill – 59 losses

Where Does Ryan Rank Among QBs With The Most Losses Ever?

According to our list of quarterbacks with the most losses in NFL history, Ryan ranks seventh with 102 losses as a starter.

Ryan isn’t going to surpass Brady’s record any time soon but he is second in career regular season games among active NFL quarterbacks. The current Colts’ quarterback has played in 222 NFL games, the 14th-most of any QB ever.

Check out the list below for a quick breakdown of where Ryan falls on the all-time list.

  1. Vinny Testaverde – 123 losses
  2. Eli Manning – 117 losses
  3. Drew Brees – 114 losses
  4. Brett Favre – 112 losses
  5. Fran Tarkenton – 109 losses
  6. Philip Rivers – 106 losses
  7. Matt Ryan – 102 losses

Active NFL Quarterbacks With The Most Losses

While there aren’t any quarterbacks in jeopardy of passing Ryan, there are a few young players that have been climbing up the list.

One of those QBs is Detroit Lions’ quarterback Jared Goff. With a 45-37-1 career record during the regular season, Goff finds himself 14th on the list at the tender age of 27.

With 25 losses as a starter, New York Giants’ signal-caller Daniel Jones is the youngest quarterback on the list at just 25 years old.

Meanwhile, Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback Kyler Murray just missed out on the top-25 with 23 career losses.

Below, we’ll go over 25 active NFL quarterbacks with the most active losses.

Rank Quarterback NFL Losses
1 Matt Ryan 102
2 Matthew Stafford 95
3 Joe Flacco 78
4 Tom Brady 73
5 Derek Carr 70
6 Andy Dalton 69
7 Cam Newton 67
8 Aaron Rodgers 66
9 Kirk Cousins 101
10 Ryan Tannehill 59
11 Russell Wilson 53
12 Jameis Winston 44
13 Carson Wentz 40
14 Jared Goff 37
15 Chad Henne 36
16 Case Keenum 35
T17 Marcus Mariota 32
T17 Sam Darnold 32
T17 Dak Prescott 32
T20 Teddy Bridgewater 30
T20 Baker Mayfield 30
22 Nick Foles 27
23 Deshaun Watson 26
T24 Tyrod Taylor 25
T24 Daniel Jones 25
Honorable Mention Kyler Murray 23