How Much Does A Rich Harvest Farms Golf Membership Cost?

How Much Does A Rich Harvest Farms Golf Membership Cost?

LIV Golf will wind down its U.S. Tour with a stop in Chicago at a course known as the Augusta of the Midwest. The field will take to Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove to compete at one of the most exclusive golf courses in the world.

Rich Harvest Farms is a private golf course and country club just 50 miles outside of Chicago. It was built in 1989 by Jerome Rich, who is a self-made businessman.

The course features an 18-hole championship golf course on 1,800 acres. The country club also boasts top amenities for all members and guests. However, it’s a super exclusive club, offering a total of only 50 members in the club.

Essentially, the club has become a stomping ground for Rich and his closest friends.

Even though casual golfers aren’t going to their hands on a membership at Rich Harvest Farms anytime soon, there are a few ways to play at the private golf course.

Rich Harvest Farms Membership

Rich Harvest Farms is a very private club with a total of only 50 members.

As legend has it, Jerry Rich broke the unwritten rule at Augusta National by asking how much a membership costs at the iconic country club. After being denied, Rich set out to the Midwest to build his own course.

As a result, there is no available cost to purchase a membership. Instead, Rich built the course as a playground for him and his friends.

However, the exclusive club has hosted a few big events, including the 2009 Solheim Cup and other big amateur events like NCAA Regionals. However, becoming a member is almost impossible, unless you’re a friend to Jerry Rich himself.

The club features more than just a golf course and the amenities are unlike anything you’ll see at a traditional country club. Rich Harvest Farms has an indoor practice center, a car museum with over $20 million worth of rare, one-of-a-kind cars, a chapel, and a large collection of memorabilia.

Ways to Play at Rich Harvest Farms

There aren’t many ways to play at the course. It’s generally restricted to athletes, tournaments, and a few invited guests.

However, when patrons do get a chance to play, it’s an absolute honor to play at Rich Harvest Farms. The super private club offers available tee times to the public through contests, charity auctions, and exclusive invitations.

Generally, the course is also open for tournaments like LIV Golf Chicago or for training purposes. Northern Illinois University golfers also tend to train there due to its state-of-the-art facilities.

It’s a private club and not open to the public but many golf fans have had the opportunity of playing on the course by scoring a reservation via auction or winning a tee time slot in a contest.

In addition, fans who are a part of the American Express Preferred Golf program have a chance to arrange a complimentary round if they stay two nights at the five-star Arista Hotel nearby.

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