NFL Team Weaknesses at Midseason

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots

In a league of parity, every NFL team has their warts. We’ll go quickly around the NFL with our analyst Wonder and point out the weaknesses of all 32 teams. Midway through the season there is plenty of opportunity for teams to ascend. Every team is vulnerable to one degree or another. At this point the Patriots stand out… not because NE is great, but because every other team has more weaknesses.

NE (7-1) no natural pass rushers, OL vulnerable against good pass rush
MIA (4-4) no QB, no TE, very thin at WR
BUF (4-5) no passing offense, Rex Ryan
NYJ (3-6) everything except DL and Brandon Marshall

BAL (4-4) questionable pass rush, lack of quality WRs, marginal OL
PIT (4-4) Defense, defense, defense, healthy Big Ben
CIN (3-4-1) Marvin Lewis
CLE (0-9) College roster

HOU (5-3) bad QB has turned Hopkins into mush, injured Watt
IND (4-5) OL, zero defense
TEN (4-5) youthful inexperience, lacking speed on Defense, lack quality at WR
JAX (2-6) growing pains, bad coaching (Gus Bradley)

OAK (7-2) Defensive Secondary, TE
KC (6-2) missing QB and need 1 more quality WR
DEN (6-3) need better QB play and better OL play
SD (4-5) injured Keenan Allen and Defense (Secondary, speed rusher)

DAL (7-1) Jerry Jones, need help on Back 7 defense
NYG (5-3) OL, OL, OL, LBers
WAS (4-3-1) RB, LBers
PHL (4-4) consistency from Wentz, WRs, no identity at RB

MIN (5-3) OL, QB, RB, WR (Diggs marginal, Rudolph, and that’s it)
DET (5-4) need health on D, secondary, RB
GB (4-4) running game, consistent OL play, Secondary
CHI (2-6) OL, QB, DL, LB, Secondary (yes, entire D)

ATL (6-3) Secondary, secondary, secondary, pass rush
NO (4-4) Defense is totally absent
TB (3-5) OL is biggest issue, need more consistency on D
CAR (3-5) offensive coaching, secondary, pass rush

SEA (5-2-1) OL, OL, OL and health on D
AZ (3-4) Offensive scheme wants to kill Carson Palmer, no TE
LA (3-5) QB, OL, WR
SF (1-7) Everything, NFC’s version of CLE

Up and coming teams are Jacksonville, Tennessee, Tampa Bay. These are teams with good young personnel who are getting better. If KC had Tom Brady they would go all the way. (Then again, we could probably say that about HOU too.) Mind blower how teams like SEA and IND do not (prioritize resources to) protect two of the best QBs in the NFL. DET and ATL have a lot of opportunity in this moment.

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