JJ Watt Talks Free Agency, Believes TJ Will Break His Records

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Retired NFL legend JJ Watt has spoken openly about several issues recently.

The first is the free agency process, and his comments about it are interesting.

What Watt Said:

He put the process in perspective for a fan/outsider.

Watt said:

“If you’re hearing a ‘rumor’ it’s because someone wants you to hear that rumor for one reason or another, or someone is purely guessing…If people want to keep something quiet, they absolutely can. It’s 100% possible to do deals without any leaks.”

This means that things can truly happen behind the scenes and in silence until the public needs to know.

Watt Talks About Brother TJ’s Career Trajectory

Another topic Watt talked about was his brother TJ.

Without hesitation, he believes that TJ can break all of his records.

He said:

“As long as he stays healthy and he’s able to, he should pass me in every single category. And I sure as h#&& hope he does. One-thousand percent. Because that means he was healthy.”

Health is a big concern for both Watt brothers who dealt with significant injuries and kept coming back and playing at a high level.

TJ is 28 years old and under contract to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers through the 2025 season.

Could two Watt brothers get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

If the Mannings (Eli) do not do it first, they could potentially be the first brothers to both get into the Hall of Fame.

Another Funny Note About JJ And His Latest Hike

He has been golfing and hiking a lot since his retirement.

His recent video talks about his second hike on Arizona’s famous Camelback Trail.

He was a little winded when he was passed by seven-year-old kids who were not even breathing heavily.

Watt thinks he needs to lose weight to make that hike a little easier.

As he puts it, “285 is a lot to take up a mountain.”

Sounds like there are more hikes in his future so we look forward to getting a play-by-play summary of those.

Watt will be missed on the football field in the fall, but thankfully his social media presence is ongoing for his 5.6 million Twitter followers.

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