Colorado Football Coach Deion Sanders Offers QB Lamar Jackson Valuable Advice


NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders is just like the rest of us football fans.

He is watching this Lamar Jackson-Baltimore Ravens situation play out in real time.

A lot of it is happening on social media which is the avenue Jackson used to inform his fans this week that he asked the Baltimore Ravens for a trade on March 2.

Lamar has been engaging with Twitter users sharing their disagreeing thoughts in an effort to change their minds about his situation.

Sanders wants Jackson to stop doing that ASAP.

What Sanders Said

Colorado Football Coach Deion Sanders Offers QB Lamar Jackson Valuable Advice

Deion gave Jackson a pep talk as only Coach Prime can.

He said:

“Stop explaining Yourself to fools and allow fools to be fools. A brother trying that’s strong, believes in himself and willing to stand for what he believes will always be misunderstood & judged by fools of all ethnicities. Love ya my brother and “I Believe in You” !”

Deion Is Giving Jackson Good Advice

The court of public opinion (which happens to air out in ugly ways on social media these days) is not going to be persuaded by anything Lamar Jackson has to say.

Jackson is better served to focus his energies on resolving his situation and accepting support where it is available from people like Sanders who understand more of what he is going through than the average Twitter user and football fan does.

Deion did not let outsiders influence his thoughts when he was playing.

He made career decisions that were best for himself and his family which is what Jackson needs to do also.

Not Clear How This Will End

It is difficult to predict how the Ravens and Jackson will work out their differences.

This whole mess does not bode well for the Ravens organization which will attempt to draft and recruit top-tiered players to play in Baltimore.

Those players may think twice given how the Ravens are dealing with their MVP quarterback at the moment.

People who think Jackson not having an agent is a disadvantage may have a point, but the bottom line is this standoff could have been prevented over a year ago.

Even if Jackson representing himself slowed down the process, there was still ample time to work out a solution.

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