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Islanders Should Not Quit in Their Quest for Matt Duchene

It is the peak season for NHL tradeoffs. Matt Duchene, the Colorado Avalanche’s star center player, is one of the players who are certainly on the move. He has actually been set to move for a long time now but the team’s manager Joe Sakic seems reluctant to let him go. Sakic wants to ensure that he gets the full value for Duchene. However, his hesitation to let go of his star center might prove to be a costly mistake for him. As soon as the season begins, Duchene’s value is going to reduce drastically, and this might be a huge blow for the team. Colorado stands to lose more than the buying teams once the season commences. Keep reading to know the New York Islanders betting odds for the next season.

The Islanders’ Claim

Among the teams that are courting Matt Duchene, the New York Islanders stand the best chance, despite the fact that they have encountered several defeats in the future. If they are persistent enough, they will ultimately succeed in their claim for the talented center player. It is said that previous talks between the two teams failed because of the high price that Sakic wants for Duchene. Apparently, the team manager wants the Islanders to part ways with two of their other highly valued players, Ilya Sorokin andMathew Barzal. Obviously, this is a price that the Islanders are not willing to pay, especially considering that in two years, Barzal could be just as good as Duchene.

Although it appears as though the Islanders have the upper hand in their negotiations for Duchene, they have their own problems within the team. For instance, the problematic contract for their current captain John Tavares appears to be a ticking time bomb. That the Islanders simply assumed that Tavares will be staying despite not extending his contract was a huge mistake. The question begs, what will the team do if Tavares indeed decides to leave? The levels of panic within the team are rising by the day, and this puts more pressure on the team to acquire Matt Duchene.

Win- Win Situation

It seems like the Colorado Avalanches are more desperate to get rid of Duchene than the Islanders are to acquire him. Be that as it may, the manager still won’t lower the price for which he wants to trade the talented player who has been underperforming in the previous seasons. It however appears like the Islanders may stand a chance of acquiring Duchene without giving up their treasured players.

When the Islanders sent Travis Hamonic to the Calgary Flames, they did it in exchange for several picks from the team. They could use their picks to give themselves higher bargaining power in their negotiations for Duchene. The picks could also be immensely helpful in the event that the Islanders do lose Tavares.

This move by the Islanders would be a little like when Toronto sent Phil Kessel to Pittsburgh in exchange for six young players. Toronto was rebuilding their hockey team and needed young players, and that was a win- win situation for both teams.

Likewise for Duchene, he probably just needs to change teams in order to improve his performance. If he moves to the New York Islanders, he might turn his game around while the Avalanches gain a few new players.

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