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New York Islanders’ Anthony Beauvillier Sets Sights on Bigger Role

Anthony Beauvillier isn’t exactly a star in the making but there is a good reason to keep both eyes on him. Anthony hasn’t been in the NHL for that long. He began playing in the league during the 2016-17 seasons.

And he was pretty fortunate to get a place on the New York Islanders roster right out of training camp. Clearly, his superiors saw something in him that suggested that he would prove to be an asset on the field. Now, if you have been following the game, you will notice that Anthony’s presence isn’t making waves when it comes to the NHL online sports betting odds.

That isn’t to say that Anthon Beauvillier has been terrible. Anyone that has seen him in action will tell you that the athlete has some talent. But he wasn’t all that great when he first debuted.

Recent comments coming from Anthony have suggested that he is ready to leave his mediocre status behind in order to strike for bigger things beyond the horizon. Of course, just because Anthony wants to make an impact in the NHL doesn’t mean he will.

After all, there are a number of rookies making an appearance in the 2017-18 season and there could be some stars waiting to break out among them. Anthony will have his work cut out for him, especially if the new crop of rookies exceeds expectations.

But some analysts believe that Anthony’s verbalization of his determination to have a bigger impact in the NHL could spur him on to do greater things now that he has placed so many expectations on his shoulders.

The 2016-17 period wasn’t kind to the New York Islanders who were unable to make it to the playoffs, a situation they haven’t encountered in two seasons. Anthony Beauvilliers delivered 24 points in 66 games which is actually a good start.

Admittedly, his situation got a little complicated, especially at the end of 2016 where he was scratched for three straight games by the Isles who wouldn’t lend him to Team Canada for an important tournament.

Anthony had a few good reasons to be frustrated but he did what he could with the options available to him. And he got to play with the likes of Anders Lee and Josh Ho-Sang.

Like any decent rookie, Anthony wants more from the NHL. He has a strong desire to become more of an impact player. And his comments on the issue will work in his favor because they show people that Anthony is confident.

He clearly believes in his abilities and what he can do when he is unleashed. Anthony got his central role because Tavares suffered a leg injury, and he has proven that he knows what to do with the role.

The Islanders need him for that role. So one assumes that they will give him, even more, ice time in the coming season; Anthony definitely adds value to the team. Naturally, he still has a lot to prove. A few strong words are not enough to get things done.

Anthony Beauvillier needs to make effective use of the training camp. That is where he will prove his mettle and convince the powers that be to give him his shot

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