4 Things We Learned In Aaron Rodgers – Pat McAfee Interview

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After weeks of NFL fans speculating, Aaron Rodgers spilled his guts on the March 15, 2023, episode of The Pat McAfee Show.

The headliner is, of course, that Rodgers wants to play for the New York Jets in 2023, but that was not the only thing we learned on Wednesday.

Here are five other fascinating facts that came up during McAfee’s conversation with Rodgers.

1. Rodgers Was 90% Convinced He Would Retire

Prior to the highly publicized darkness retreat, Rodgers was pretty sure that he would retire.

He went so far as to say he was 90% convinced that he had played his last NFL game in 2022.

2. The Darkness Retreat Changed Things

The darkness retreated changed several things.

To begin with, Rodgers decided he wanted to continue playing.

However, he believed there was a shift within the Green Bay Packers organization.

Following his retreat, he felt they were ready to move on.

3. There Is No Wish List Of Players For The Jets

Rodgers contradicts ESPN’s Dianna Russini’s reporting that he gave the Jets brass a wish list of players he wanted to join him in New York.

That list included former Packers teammate, Allen Lazard, whom the Jets signed to a contract on Tuesday.

Odell Beckham Jr. and Randall Cobb were also on the alleged list.

4. He Told Adam Schefter To Lose His Number

Rodgers took issue with Schefter on a previous appearance on McAfee’s show.

He said that Schefter does not know what is going on with him or in his inner circle.

Rodgers said on Wednesday that upon getting a text from Schefter to find out info, Rodgers told him to lose his number.

Schefter has since tweeted the text proving Rodgers was speaking the truth.


In spite of all of these revelations, the bottom line remains that Aaron Rodgers is still technically a member of the Green Bay Packers.

No trade has been done between the Packers and the New York Jets yet.

If and when it is done, this is a trade that no one will be able to accurately measure its success until more time has passed.

Will Rodgers lead the Jets to a Super Bowl victory?

How will the Packers utilize draft picks earned from a Rogers trade?

These will be the lingering questions that will need to be answered to evaluate the winners and losers of the prospective trade.

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