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The Hottest WAGs of the NHL Today

There are lots of different groupings of the hottest WAGs of the NHL. It’s hard to actually make any sort of list like this, in part because it almost feels self-defeating. The majority of NHL players are going to get with attractive women. Some of them are going to stay with them for a long time.

Others are going to have a lot of temporary relationships. However, they are still usually going to have attractive wives and girlfriends. Making a list of the exceptions to this rule would be much easier, even though that would also be just as subjective. Still, there are definitely lots of attractive women to choose from here, and people will continue to do so.

It’s hard to argue with a woman like Barbie Blank. She is with Sheldon Souray, and a lot of other people would envy him on that basis alone. She is an athlete in her own right, since she was a gymnast and a cheerleader. She was also a female wrestler.

For people who prefer more natural beauty, Rachel Linke is a great choice. She is married to Sam Gagner now. The fact that she is a graduate of University of Alberta Medical School and is a doctor makes her unique among a lot of the other wives and girlfriends within the NHL. She is another example of a WAG who is successful on her own, which is not the case for all of them but which is the case for more of them than many people know.

Candace Cameron is an example of a WAG who was famous before she was a WAG. This is the case for some of them, but it seems to be especially pronounced for Candace Cameron, since she was a famous child star. Candace Cameron was in the public eye from a very young age on Full House. Now that Full House has come back on Netflix in a rebooted form, people are going to be associating her with the title to an even greater degree. As the wife of Valeri Bure, Candace Cameron would be famous anyway. However, her Full House career has given her a degree of longevity that has been shown to be sustainable. She is also notable attractive, even among the other NHL wives and girlfriends in the public eye.

Nicole Brown is one of the hockey wives who is more famous for being a hockey wife than almost anything else. She has four kids, so that makes sense. She already has a lot of time for media appearances in spite of all of that. Her marriage to Dustin Brown has certainly kept things interesting for her over the years. She’s often one of the people who gets brought up when people talk about hockey wives and what it is like to be a hockey wife. She also certainly gets discussed in the context of the most beautiful hockey wives, especially for the people who like natural brunette beauty and down-to-earth women.

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