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San Antonio Spurs: Tony Parker Injury a Blessing

Does anyone else remember the good old days of the San Antonio Spurs when Tony Parker was averaging 10.1 points and 4.5 assists in every game? You should because it was just last year. And no one will claim that those numbers are terrible in anyway.

However, it is highly unlikely that the betting odds for the Spurs suffered as a result of his injury during the playoffs last year. The game against the Houston Rockets brought with it a lot of drama.

Parker’s quad injury was probably a highlight. And for many pundits, Parker’s removal from play was a devastating blow for the Spurs. However, one cannot help but wonder whether there isn’t some sort of blessing to be enjoyed as a result of Parker’s absence.

The longtime point guard is expected to stay on the sidelines until 2018, and that is if he is lucky. But is there a silver lining here? Sure, Parker has been the team’s star point guard for a very long time.

He has certainly dominated over the last decade of his career. But maybe it is time for the athlete to step aside and give a few rising stars their chance to shine. After all, Tony Parker is 35-years-old.

With fifteen seasons of the NBA behind him, he has had plenty of opportunities to prove his mettle. And it isn’t like he is bringing anything special to the Spurs at the present. The athlete’s stats from 2016 were decent enough.

But they were only a fraction of what Parker used to deliver back when he was a mainstay of the All-Star team.

Right now, Dejounte Murray and Derrick White, 20 and 23-years-old respectively, have a chance to try their hand at the position and possibly even garner some much-needed experience.

With Parker out of the picture, Murray and White have room to breathe. Murray’s previous season proved that he has plenty of room to grow so long as he is availed the proper opportunities.

His numbers could eclipse those of Tony Parker in no time. And to his credit, Murray seems to understand what Parker’s absence means. He knows that he has been granted an incredible opportunity this season.

The coming months will either make him or break him. That might explain why the athlete was seen training with Isaiah Thomas during the offseason. The All-Star guard has seen trials.

He has had to fight an uphill battle to gain relevance throughout his career, so he has plenty of experience from which Murray can learn and grow.

White probably has a bigger battle on his hands, what with the new season being his first with the Spurs. White has a strong work ethic which will suit him during his time with the Spurs.

Of course, Tony Parker’s absence isn’t just a blessing for Murray and White. There’s the team itself. The Spurs are preparing for this year’s playoffs. You cannot depend on luck to help you against the Golden State Warriors.

If the Spurs want to squeeze a win out of what could be an impossible situation, they need all there athletes at peak performance levels. Parker needs to use this time to rest.

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