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MLB Player Denied Service in Alabama

An MLB player who knelt during the national anthem has been denied service at a restaurant in Alabama.

Bruce Maxwell had barely arrived home in Huntsville, Alabama when he was met with a very impolite welcome. Maxwell had gone out to lunch with Devyn Keith, city councilman for Huntsville, and another friend, and when he got recognised by his waiter, the attendant refused to serve him.

You’re the Guy Who Took the Knee

Maxwell had ordered a beer to go along with his meal, prompting the waiter to request drivers’ licences from everyone at the table. Keith reported that when the server saw Maxwell’s ID he informed the group that he would not wait their table.

Keith said that the waiter told Maxwell that he was the guy that took a knee, quote unquote, and Keith then added that, from there on out, things took a turn for the worse.

The waiter informed the group that he had voted for Trump, and that he supported everything Trump stood for. Maxwell said that Keith then went and found the manager, and, after exchanging words with him, the racist waiter was removed from their table and another member of staff took their orders. Maxwell was shocked, since Huntsville is his home town.

The player, popular with those who enjoy baseball live sports betting around the world, sent the Washington Post a text message which said that he was tired of this, quote unquote, BS.

Restaurant’s Name to be Withheld

Councilman Keith, a 27-year old Democrat, has stated the episode was a shameful one. He added, however, that he and Maxwell had both promised the management staff of the restaurant that they would not name the eatery so as to shield them from possible backlash.

Keith said that he didn’t hold the restaurant to blame, saying that it was simply a case of one bad seed in a small business and that some people were racist, bigoted or simply superstitious, and they should be ignored.

Trump’s September Rally Denounced NFL Players Protests

President Trump held a rally for an unsuccessful candidate for the Senate in Huntsville last month, and while he was there he condemned NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. He went as far as referring to the athletes as sons of bitches, quote unquote, and called on team owners to give players doing this their cards.

Maxwell knelt during the national anthem the following day, just before the Athletics won against the Texans at a game in Oakland. He is the first, and so far only, Major League Baseball player to join the ongoing protests.

After the game, Maxwell informed the press that his decision to kneel was a long time coming, and referenced his own experiences with racism growing up in Huntsville. He added that the only way that any change was possible was if everyone stood together, and criticised Trump’s censure of the NFL players, stating that this sort of peaceful protest was well within their rights, and possibly a duty as well. He has promised to keep demonstration into the next season, and his team has issued a statement supporting him.

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