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MLB Playoff teams

Though Major League legends are no longer on the playfield, the game continues with some of the biggest teams in the sport. 2016 Major League Baseball season hit the jackpot with the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, New York Mets, Toronto Blue Jays and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Started April this year, MLB had 30 teams who had to win the cup in 162 games. Many supporters had the chance to watch the games live. Others preferred to be in the comfort of their homes, or while being on the move on their mobile or tablet. The advantage was that they could still enjoy their favourite games on while watching the matches.

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Chicago Cubs

There’s nothing the Chicago Cubs can’t do! They’ve led the NL in OBP, overall defence and ERA. They got in the MLB season by winning the National League Central division. Their estimated chances to win World Series are 25.2%. With a regular season record of 103-58, let’s see how the cubs score in this month’s game!

The 25-Man team comprises of 13 Pitchers, 3 Catchers, 5 Infield and 5 Outfield. The 40-Man team 7 Outfield, 9 Infield, 4 Catchers and 25 Pitchers.

Boston Red Sox

Ted Williams team, in which he started his career as a left fielder – Boston Red Sox led the AL with a .282 average – that’s 15 points higher than any other team and .348 OBP, 17 points greater than any other team. Their estimated chances of winning World Series are 22.5%, while their regular season record is 93-69. They got in the MLB by winning the American League East division.

Boston Red Sox 40-Man team has 23 Pitchers, 4 Catchers, 10 Infield, 7 Outfield and 1 Designated Hitters. The 25-Man team has 21 Pitchers, 4 Catchers, 8 Infield, 6 Outfield and 1 Designated Hitters.

Washington Nationals

The professional baseball team had its top winning percentage in the strike-shortened season. They had the best record in baseball. One of the favourites to win the NL Cy Young Award, Max Scherzer is in the Nationals. Their rookie, Trea Turner hit .342 with 13 home runs and 32 stolen bases in 72 games!

Their chances of winning World Series is at 10.3% as Harper is injured. He has been playing through serious neck and shoulder discomfort! The team’s regular season record is 95-67 and they got in after winning the National League East division.

Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians, the team that beat Chicago Cubs 6-0 in Game One were estimated to have 10.5% to win World Series. Their regular season record is 94-97 and got in after winning the American League Central division. They have been in the first place since June after winning the AL Central.

Their chances of winning World Series are 10.5%, with a regular season record of 94-67. Batting Leaders of the Indians are .371 for Lindor, .290 for Ramirez and .267 for Chinsenhall.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers ranked 11th in batting average in the National League and on-base percentage. In home runs, the team came seventh, led by NL Rookie of the Year much-loved Corey Seager. Clayton Kershaw is the key to winning the World Series! He as a 12-4 record and 1.69 ERA. The 28 years old lad also struck out 172 batters with only 11 walks.

Chance of winning World Series is at 8.1% for the Dodgers, with a regular season record of 91-71. They got in after winning the National League West division. We saw them lose in their last game against Chicago Cubs, 0-5.

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