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Who is the best fighter in the UFC Today

Boxing arenas have been the greatest scenes of famous fighters taking on each other with the bloodiest of fights. These fights have also been the greatest betting events as well with billions of $s at stake all around the world. The recent in fight related wagering craze has been UFC (ultimate fight contest). The contest showcases great fighters from around the world with their great skills of MMA (mixed martial arts). If you happen to follow MMA at UFC, then this article is meant to give you smart understanding about wagering on your favorite fighters at

Here are some clever statistics on whom the best fighter in the UFC arena is today and who is likely to win in the coming UFC season. Keep a note of these statistics while you wager.

The most terrific fighters at UFC today

  • “Mighty Mouse” – Demetrious Johnson. The great fighter from United States has been into professional MMA since 2013 and carries the most impressive record of 24-2-1. Look out for this guy when you wager.
  • “The Dominator” – Dominick Cruz. This fighter (again from United States) is an old hand at downing other fighters at UFC since 2010. He has a “clean as a whistle” record of 22-1-0 (a great deal going by his 6 years in UFC). He is a perfect contender to bet on this season.
  • “DC”- The Daniel Cormier. Another top rated fighter from the United States. He is fighting in UFC since 2013 and holds a distinguished record of 18-1-0. You can never bet against this guy if you love your money.
  • Conor McGregor “The Notorious”. One of the More feared “non US” fighters in UFC is known (in fact notorious) for his aggressive punching and kicking. Though relatively new addition to MMA professional circle, McGregor is holding strong among the top ranked fighters with great statistics of 20-3-0. Don’t ever risk your money betting for his opponent
  • “Junior” – Jose Aldo. A relative “old hand” at NFC, he is into professional MMA since 2012. The hard fighting “Junior” from Brazil own cool statistics of 26-2-0. You can safely bet on him.
  • Ronda Rousey. The most celebrated female fighter of all times makes a “quick meal” of her opponents in the quickest possible time (holds the world record for the quickest KO in just 14 seconds). She never lost a fight and she is your safest bet.
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