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Highlights of NFL Week 5

Bye weeks began around the NFL this week, but that has not stopped the league from giving us a lot to talk about. The Panthers appear to be unstoppable after the team enjoyed another big win, this time defeating the Lions. The Jaguars’ defence end up destroying the Steelers, just as Jones-Drew predicted it would. And the late games enjoyed highlighting thanks to another Packers/Cowboys classic, with Aaron Rodgers managing to deliver a last-minute touchdown that delivered the win in Dallas.

J.J. Watt is Out for the Count

One Sunday evening, the Chiefs kept their perfection going, winning the game with a final score of 42 – 34 against the Texans. Unfortunately J.J. Watt injured his left know, and it is now likely that he will have to miss the rest of the season, which means we won’t be able to enjoy seeing him in his prime. Perhaps a quick round-up of rugby league betting tips is in order for the punters who preferred him!

Myles Garrett’s Great Debut Play

We have been waiting a long time to see what Myles Garrett is going to be bringing to the field, and his debut did not disappoint. When he finally managed to get into play, he wasted no time at all living up to the hype. On his very first snap for the NFL Garrett managed to sack the Jets quarterback, Josh McCown.

Gregg Williams, the defensive coordinator for the Browns, spoke very highly of Garrett on Friday. He stated that Garrett had had a good week, and mentioned a certain look in Garrett’s eye –clearly a hunger for the first NFL sack!

The Giants Finally Got Some Early Points

After suffering through four first quarters with no scores made, the Giants finally broke the spell and got some points early. These points may have been a gift from the offense belonging to the Los Angeles Chargers, but they still stand, and with betting on this sport being popular as far afield as New Zealand, any points are good points.

After a punt from Brand Wing pinned the Chargers inside of the ten, a miscue between Rivers and his centre ended up in a snap that fell inside the end zone. Rivers did the best thing, tossing the ball through the back of the end zone for a safety, and the Giants defenders came down quick, aiming for a touchdown. With the safety, the Giants gained a lead of 2 – 0 and got points in the first quarter of a game for the first time this year.

Disrespecting the Flag Puts You Out of Play

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, stated that any player disrespecting the flag would not play, following his team’s loss to the Packers. Brandon George, of the Dallas Morning News, noted that two of the Cowboys’ players raised fists at the end of the national anthem. Damontre Moore and David Irving were named, and Moore has been doing this all year long.

Jones’ statement comes some weeks after President Trump stated at an Alabama rally that owners of NFL players who witness the flag being disrespected should get those sons of bitches, quote unquote, off the field immediately, and fire them.

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